2-Movers Collection - WCCT Challenge 2


Hello everyone. I made this challenge for myself and tried it once. I do this challenge every 25 puzzles. My challenge has the same themes as a 

World Chess Composing Tournament.

The WCCT has the following themes:

 - 2-mover

 - 3-mover

 - More-mover (Here it will be a 4-mover)

 - Endgame Study (I didn't made one of these, sorry)

 - Helpmate

 - Selfmate

 - Fairypieces

I made these puzzles and challenge you to solve them.

Dont use an engine please!!!

Good Luck!!:

Mate in 2White to move


Mate in 3White to move

Mate in 4White to move -- Easy

Helpmate in 2: Black to move and white mates


 Selfmate in 2: White to move and forces black to mate

Mate in 3: White to move

Mate in 2:          Solved By: s0030135

Mate in 3:          Solved By: Asorski

Mate in 4:          Solved by: MrComposer

Helpmate in 2:   Solved By: s0030135

Selfmate in 2:    Solved By: s0030135

Fairy mate in 3:  Solved By: s0030135


 The Grasshopper:

Grasshopper: a4

The grasshopper can only move by hopping over a piece. If a grasshopper can't hop over a piece, it can't move!! The grasshopper moves just like a queen, but it has to hop over another piece. It moves just one place after the piece it hopped. It cannot hop twice


Were the upside down pieces intentional?

kohai wrote:

Were the upside down pieces intentional?

Yes, yes indeed!! Laughing


Mate in 2



1...Rf4 2.Be1 Rxe4 3.Nxe4#



1.Be6 any 2.Qb4+ Bxb4#


Mate in 3

1. Bf3!! d5 (1...Kxf3 2. Ng5#) 2. h4! Kxf3(now forced) 3. Ng5#


Good job s0030135. You solved three puzzles correct. Congratulations.

y2721, sorry but 1.Bf3 Kxf3 2.Ng5+ isn't mate. Try again if you want Cool.


A well composed and easy puzzle. Fantastic!


1. Q1d3 Qd2-d4 (capturing the queen on d3)+

2. Kf2! Any move

3. Qh3#

or 1... Any move


*Fairy mate*


MrComposer: You have solved the mate in 4. Congratulations. But the fairy mate in 3 isn't correct. If a grasshopper hops over a piece it is placed only 1 place after the piece it hopped. A grasshopper cannot hop twice.

Try it again if you want!! Laughing


Mate in 3(2nd try)

1. Nh8 Kg5 2. Be3+ Kh4 3. Ng6#


Sorry y2721. Black can defend with: 1.Nh8 Kg5 2.Be3+ Kf6!!

Try it again if you want


Fairy Mate: Qf3#

Correct me if I am wrong but this looks like a mate in 1 to me..... Surprised


I dont' see how the fairy mate line 1. Dd3 2. Bg3 3. Dh3# doesn't work

iixxPROxxii wrote:

Fairy Mate: Qf3#

Correct me if I am wrong but this looks like a mate in 1 to me.....

Qf3 doesn't work because white is already in check!

White has to block with Qd1-d3.


Hi everyone:

 - iixxPROxxii: White is indeed in check, so you have a few moves left. 1.Gf3 is an illegal move!!

y2721: After 1.Gd3 black can defend with 1.Gd4!. 

MrComposer: There is another move to block the check. This is a very big hint!!


Mate in 3(Grasshopper):

1.e3 Ga2 2.Ga1 any 3.Gh8#


1.e3 Gf4 2.Ga7 any 3.Gh7#