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    From a Caro Kann Smile ...

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    I would give 27.Qh4? Not knowing what square the White Queen was on when it moved to h4 maybe it was unavoidable on h5. But if it was on g5 much better would have been 27.Qe3.  What I am saying is that to an experienced player it is very obvious that on h4, given the position, the White Queen is trapped and it will require at least 2 moves to extract it.  To an experienced tactician playing the whiteside the White Queen's situation would have jumped off the board and hit him on the forehead.  With the move 27...Kh7 the threat is ...g5 winning the White Queen before pllaying 27.Qh4?   The position even without White's problems with the Queen is winning for Black mostly because of the protected passer pawn he has on e4, which by the way is an extra pawn.  Black is up a pawn 5vs.4 on the queenside and 2vs.2 on the kingside. 

    Nice game by the way.  You constructed a solid winning endgame.  This what happens when you construct winning positions, the pressure on the opponent causes them to commit other errors because they are desparately searching around for counterplay.

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    After Kh7 there is no way to prevent g5 and the queen will be trapped. The only way I can find to free the queen is g4, which is illegal.

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    Kh7 is the best move, preparing to claim the trapped queen. White also seems to demonstrate the best human defence. Nice game and thanks for sharing.

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    Joey - find one way to save the queen for white. If you can, then Kh7 isn't the best move. Otherwise, it is.

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    Thank you guys ... I posted this just because IMO it was cute once in a while to see the King hunting the opponent Queen. Regards Wink


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