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Asorski's Pawnless Society

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    The task is: Create a 2-mover chess Problem using the 16 pieces but without pawns on the board. I called it "Pawnless Society". 

    Check this out. An Asorski Pawnless Society Original for chess.com.

    White to move mate in two.

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    My above Pawnless Society can also be looked like this:

    White to move mate in 2.

    Without pawns on the board, the trick is just the same.

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    Or like this:

    Asorski's Pawnless Society

    White mates in 2.

  • #4

    Ok, interesting puzzles! Thanks for the add.

  • #5

    Thanks. nyLsel.

    Watch out for more of my original puzzles here. (Asorski)Smile

  • #6

    It is your own puzzle? Good work!

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    Post your comments here.

    Who knows, your nice and fine comments might be included in my book when this puzzles are published!Cool


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