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Black to move

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    Is this a puzzle? A mate-in-#? A request to find a move in a game of yours? What's the deal?

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    Hi, Dr., This is the first time I posted a puzzle and I guess I didn't do it right...I would like to have posted the sequence of moves.  

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    I don't see it. I'm thinking of a queen sacrifice here by capturing Qxa6 after Rb8+ Ka7 followed by some Ra8 move, but it doesn't force a mate whatsoever.

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    the answer is rook to g1. I did not do a good job in posting the puzzle. first time I posted.

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    my queen ends up on h3

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    ITS MATE IN 3, Rb2+Ka2,Ra1+kxa1,Qxa3#

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    that's right....I thought it was an interesting combo...I reposted it with the moves. First time I posted my own puzzle!


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