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Clever Moves

  • #1

    Post a move in which you felt so particularly clever that you just had to tell somebody.  If you post them in puzzles it'll be all the better.

  • #2

    A position white can get into with Ruy Lopez when white avoids exchange. I think its called legal's mate.

    An easy trap to avoid but still interesting. I thought it was pretty clever when i saw it for the first time.

  • #3

    Greater creater, that trap doesn't work unless white first plays 7. h3 and black plays Bh4, otherwise black just plays 7...Nxe5.

  • #4

    Again this trap is "easy to avoid" (7...Nxe5). But it still works if black gets greedy and takes 7...Bxd1. Anyone that knows about this trap will move 7...Nxe5. I just found it interesting 

  • #5

    The point is that if you play it straight away it's a blunder. If you first play h3 and black responds Bh5 then you can do it and the best black ends up is down a pawn.

  • #6

    No meant 1 move.  Not a whole game.


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