Cute king hunt


The following position (Gipslis-Darsniek, Latvian Championship 1962) is taken from P H Clarke's 100 Soviet Chess Miniatures.

Actually, Black had already resigned the game.  Clarke gives here 1 Bxd7 Rd8 2 Qxf6 (although 1... Qe5 would've staved off immediate defeat).

At any rate, there is a more incisive possibility here...



This is why GMs resign. I don't know what explains how GMs get into these positions in the first place.


achintooth (in a recent email) has just provided the following addendum:


Yeah, I think N gives check on h6, then Q can give check on f7 and then f6 after sacrificing the N on h6, B comes down to e2, and after Black B blocks and white B takes, couple of pawn checks and Bob's your uncle. I could never see something like that from the start, but after playing it out saw how the Black K can't get away, the Q locks down all but h5.


Now sure why (or how) I overlooked that mate in 3...but somehow I did.


Still, the mate in 4 was more fun. happy.png


What about 5.Bxg4+? I think it's faster happy.png

Nice puzzle anyway


Yes, I've already pointed that out.


Thanks anyway.