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Daily Puzzle Submissions! *Be Involved*

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    easy mate in 1
  • #82

    easy chack!!

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    xalways wrote: Not my originality but i would like to share it with you all. An easy puzzle mate in 3.

    A beautiful tricky game!!!

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    Pantera0918 wrote:








    easy - medium?

    A nice endgame!! Congratulations Pantera0918!!!

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    apple127 wrote: hold on forkman, isn't the first move knight d6 mate?

     i saw that too!!

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    chessnoob1997 wrote: A puzzle with a few mistakes (how do u correct mistakes in the chess wizard??)

    Hang on. isn't Rxh5 mate right away?!?!

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    heres one i really like.

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    forkman wrote: Here's a puzzle I made up. 

    What about Rxh5+ in first move

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    Think around the corner: 3 moves (medium)

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    pompom wrote: Look at this game!  It's nice.

    This forum is for problems. There is a forum for games. And white can avoid mate by not taking the knight in the first place, only a very bad player would take the knight on g4.

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    arcueid wrote:

    Think around the corner: 3 moves (medium)


    The difficulty is easy, your puzzle can only come to play if black blunder's and you don't specify what happens in 3 moves???

    Generaly you use or solve obligated puzzles, since your's for example can be solved by 17... Kf8, and then you loose or your queen or knight.

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    Amazing 11 year old chess master, Hou Yifan a chineese girl, who is today playing for the woman's chess championship, beat her older rival with a stunning 8 move mate.

    Difficulty hard.

    She is completly amazing, her games are majestic to say, at least for a girl who has 14 years.

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    Jaja nobody has been able to solve it yet.

  • #95

    Mate in four.

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    I wanted to mate with a Rook not with the Queen... darn it. :D

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    chessnoob1997 wrote:
    A puzzle with a few mistakes (how do u correct mistakes in the chess wizard??)

     why not just play ROOK TO H5 FOR THE MATE??

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    experimenting with pins and such...
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    'nother one. A little harder? At any rate, I think I'm done for now.
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    couldn't resist. If you must choose one, try this puzzle as opposed to the one above.

    *changes made*. Mate in 5, only one solution...(thanks likesforests)


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