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Decent puzzle for B class players and below.

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    I was showing off a recent game of mine to a friend, trying to make a point about superior minor pieces.  After the last move, my friend (himself a solid B class player) commented that while I had a superior position, he thought White's resignation was entirely premature.  

    I thought I'd put it here as a puzzle for you guys to look at and see if you can figure out why this position isn't "superior" but "game over"


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    wow....that is great vision and tactical thinking

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    Thanks :).  

    Although I have a confession, I didn't have all this worked out in my head at the time.   I stopped 2 moves deep (after 27...e4), recognizing that the threats on g2, h2 and f3 combined to a lot more than white would be able to deal with.

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    I am bad at tactics accoeding to the tactics trainer....I try really hard to see long combinations like this....without saying you were lucky....I do think it takes the opponent to be sleep walking a little bit....my opponents always seem to be on their toes...... :-\


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