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Double sided attack

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    This is a game i lost again Computer4:Impossible. I wanted to show you the tatic applied here (I flipped the board, so you can appreciate the intromission):

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    How about 1. ...Nf3 instead, threatening Qh4 mate (and Qh4+ Qh2 mate if the knight is taken)

    White will need to deal with the threat through 2. Bg5. Haven't analysed variations after that but probably still down in material though looks a lot better than losing the Queen!

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    Maybe game would continue 2. ...Nxg5 3. cxd6 bxd6 4. Nc7+ Kd8 5. Nxa8 Nxh7 6. Bxh7 f5 7. Bxf5 exf5 leaving White only slightly up in material

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    1.c5 was a good move. Which opens the file and let pieces be active. But after 1...bxc5 2.dxc5 Black must not retake the pawn on c5 as it would leave the c7-pawn undefended.

    As given suggestions by above, Black might try ...Nf3 move. Which counterattacks White's threats.

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    If black goes for a checkmate, white seems able escape safely with a free knight after 1... Nf3 2. gxf3 Qh4+ Kg2.  Any subsequent checks from the rook or queen would just send the King to safety (the g5 knight can block).  

    If im seeing it correctly, I think black can force a draw after 2. gxf3 though with the queen on h4 and g4, so Nf3 might still be the best move.

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    You're forgetting the black bishop on d6!

    Protects the queen for mate on h2: if 2. gxf3 Qh4+ 3. Kg2 4. Qh2 mate

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    oh, no actually i was forgetting that a pawn was occupying f3--i saw the bishop but thought the king could run.. thanks!


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