Endgame: Passed pawns


My opponent was pretty much ahead in material slightly this whole game, but underestimated the power of my connected passed pawns. A skillful player would have definitely at least drawed, but in the position below black has a clear win. Can you find the moves?



You suggest that 44. .. d2 is "much less strong". This may be true according to some standard but it does deliver a 'clear win'. And a clear win is what you asked for and it is what chess players and puzzle solvers aim for.

The puzzle environment however permits you to kill off your game darlings and replace them with something appropriate for the solution you had in mind. For instance, if you remove the pawns on f7, e6, e5 then your idea might work! Haven't checked it though.


For the pointers @Arisktotle, hartelijk dank wink.png. I did copy the position straight from one of my games, so I could have removed some pawns to make it better possibly.


@alex-rodriguez I have some more endgame ones that are pretty sweet. You should check them out.


Thanks Alex!