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Fun mate

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    How should White deal with 1. ...Rc3+ intending 2. ...Qc8? Sorry, I'm a bit sleepy so I might be missing something obvious.

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    Couldn't tell you, I just finished a game and black played the way it did, I was happy with my mate, so I decided to make it a puzzle.  It is not perfect and this is my first posting on this forum, I agree it would be a better mate because there are many ways black would mate, but my pressure on his rook and queen were too much and I guess that they missed the opportunity, I apologize for any of the moves that they missed.  I hope you enjoyed the puzzle :)

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    1. Rb5 Qa8 2.Rb7 Rf8 and as far as i can see its deadlock!

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    Cute puzzle, very basic.  Good way to show off some basics.


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