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Mate in 3, Fokin 2003

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    A friend of mine received this puzzle from his chess app on his i-phone. Unfortunately, he doesn't receive the answers. So we puzzled for some days, but we can't solve it.



    With moves like 1. Bf3 Kd2 2. Nf4 Ke1, all black's moves are forced, but i can't find a way to checkmate. Any idea's?

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    My answer was wrong because the second move was stalemate. Tough!

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    Edit: i believe you saw the problem already :)

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    You loser Gert

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    I refering to the fact that you just ruined the fun of trying to solve it for everyone else

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    The question of Hajee was: what is the answer because we don't see it.
    therefore I gave the answer. It was not meant as a spoiler. When Hajee knew the answer he would have made a movable puzzle containing the answer.

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    Gert-Jan, thanks, but i agree with dnleary.

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    ok, the answers are deleted. sorry.

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    why delete the answer?  I want to see the answer.  I couldn't solve it by looking at it, so I scrolled down looking for the answer.  If people want to solve the problem they can do so without scrolling down to see the answer.  Why ask for an answer if you don't really want one?  Please repost the answer Gert... you weren't spoiling anything.

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    Normally one would post answers in white: 1.Bb3 Ke2 ( 1...Kd2 2.Qc2# ) ( 1...Ke4 2.Qd5# ) 2.Qf5 Kd2 3.Qc2#

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    want the answer

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    Now also posted as puzzle.

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    This is a good Fokin puzzle.....

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    And I thought it was a Fokin good puzzle

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    Fokin, eh?

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