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Mate in 3!

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    that is a very advanced mate in 3

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    Well thanks, it was actually from one of my games in another site, I played with 4 moves in the actual game but then realized there was a mate in 3.Laughing

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    Nice one :)..thank you for sharing.

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    No prob, this site is also for sharing ideas.Wink

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    That took me quite some time awesome puzzle!

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    It's not forced.

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    There is however a rather neat mate in 4:

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    It's not forced.

    That's what makes it a difficult puzzle!

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    lol...true enough

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    Yeah, not even close to forced.

    My first thought is Bg7+ with Qc6 e.g. Bg7+ Kc2 Qc6+ Nc3 Bxc3 bxc3 Qa6+ and mate or winning the queen may be lurking shortly.

    But there is a forced mate, here's a computer checked version of the puzzle:

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    Andy beat me to it :p

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    You had to use your comp to check that?  I guess that's why it took you longer to post it than it did me. Smile

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    Haha, well once I knew it wasn't forced, I stopped looking for mate, and wanted to find a way to continue attacking.  Bg7 would probably be my blitz move.  The 4 move mate is very forced though, and makes a good puzzle.  I just didn't see it.

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    Look at the 3rd comment please, you are just reapeating what I said.Tongue Out

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    Huh?  Afraid you're going to have to explain that one...

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    Who needs explaining? trolololLaughing

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    Ah, a worthy riposte from a guy with a band and everything!  I salute you, sir!

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    Ah, a worthy riposte from a guy with a band and everything!  I salute you, sir!


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