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puzzle stuck

  • #1

    A puzzle seems to be stuck.  It says "waiting for computer move"    but nothing happens.    I try starting over, first tactics trainer, then chess.com website, same problem comes up with same problem.  What to do?

  • #2

    I have the same problem. It began yesterday morning.

  • #3

    I have sent a message to Help & Support. I am waiting for their answer.

  • #4

    I have the same problem.  Leave a comment here if you get a response from Help & Support.

  • #5

    so far, no response from Help.  My tactics trainer has now been down for 2 days.

  • #6

    What browser are you using?  I'm using Firefox.

  • #7

    IE, windows XP

  • #8

    Well, probably nothing to do with browser or operating system then.  :)

  • #9

    Did you guys try rebooting the computer?

  • #10

    rebooted, more than once.  Havn't tried another computer...but don't have much hope.

  • #11

    I've rebooted too.  Just tried another computer - same problem.

  • #12

    the puzzle that's hanging me up is always the same.  I don't know it's number but the white queen is on h5.  Is this the same puzzle hanging you up also?

  • #13

    Browser doesn't matter....it happens whether I use Firefox or Google Chrome and it's beginning to annoy me because it keeps coming back to the same problem.

  • #14

    so, same problem that causing me fits, queen on h5?

  • #15

    White queen on h6 and black king in check on h7. Help & Support suggested a hard refresh, which I did, to no avail. I sent them an other message.

  • #16

    White queen on h5, not h6 as I wrote by mistake.

  • #17

    That's the one. w queen on h5, b king on h7.  Still no help from chess.com.  Thanks for your help on this.

  • #18

    they need to delete that problem....not all that challenging when one gets to look at for so longLaughing....funny how it only pops up on my laptop and not my cellphone.

  • #19

    This is that they are trying to do, delete it. But it is not easy as the number doesn't appear on the screen. I sent them a copy of that screen to help.

  • #20

    thanks again, g64, for doing that.

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