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Seed of Destruction

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    This is a position I reached in a 45/45 game yesterday. I played 25 Nc6 which was a blunder. However, I am not going to chastise myself too much as this was quite a complicated tactical position. Anyway, the Seed of Tactical Destruction in Black's camp was the discovered attack on the Rook. 

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    I think black should play 25...Ra6, because in this position white cannot fork, as white then loses the d pawn.

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    25... Rxa5?? is not black's best move, but I think it would be difficult to resist a hanging knight.

    25... Ra6 is better but still not black's best and white wins a Rook for 2 pawns and White is winning.

    See what I mean...tactically complicated position...Smile

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    Yeah, black's backrank is a big problem. I tried several variations to the fork

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    Nicely spotted, 'Weak Back Rank', another one of DHs 'SoTDs'. The more seeds the more chance of finding a winning tactic.

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    i think 28. dxc8=Q Rxc8 29. Bd5 is better in 25. Ra6 variation.

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    Yes, I agree...thanks for posting..Smile

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    Yes Kants, 25...Bxe6 is the best for black after 15 d6 !! Smile

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    29. Rb6 is a winning move for white 29.Rb6 Rc8 30.Rb8

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    You are correct Mir

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    Thank you kantifields Smile

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    In the second puzle 28.dxc8=Q Rxc8 29. Bd5 Re8 30 Nc6 is stronger. Nd4 is threatened and due to the weak back rank, breaking the pin with Kh8 is impossible.

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    black is better

  • #15

    26. Rf1+


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