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  • #1

    Paraphrasing Irving Chernev,

    "There is simply no hope for anyone who doesn't get smile from the following composition."

    Mate in four moves. G.F. Anderson, 1917.

    No tricks this time...

  • #2

    nice force.

  • #3

    p0wned by your own pawns.

  • #4

    Although the title has humor to it, if this were a daily puzzle, everyone would be on you for it.

  • #5

    They certainly would.  The infantile expectation of extreme stimulation that people express towards the daily puzzle is quite tiresome.  There seems to be very little simple enjoyment of a "hey that's neat, I've never seen anything like that" variety towards fun puzzles like this one.

  • #6

    Very fun puzzle... thank you!

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    lol a funny puzzle

  • #9

    that was reely stupid

  • #10

    very nice....

  • #11

    Hahaha,nice puzzle!


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