What does White have to do to get Mate

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    1.Qh6 c1Q+

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    LongIslandMark wrote:

    @Spotlion - Your solution looks good to me. Black could drag it out a few moves with 1...c1=Q+ but I don't see where that changes anything after Qxh7+. Qxh7 was the move I missed. Also, just to be complete, if instead of 3...Kxg6,  3...Kg8 then 4. Rh8#

    Oh, heh...wK is on g1. Spotlion changed the diagram.

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    Yeres, are you in a Fischer mood recently? Fischer-Lhamsouren Miagmasuren (I think that's the spelling?) 2 or 3 moves earlier, Fischer played Bh3-g2! envisioning this attack. Miagmasuren could have averted crisis with ...Bb7, but instead played dxc2, and after Qh6 Qf8 Qxh7+ from the diagram, resigned.

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    The position was after 29...dxc2 in the game Fischer vs. Miagmasuren on the 3rd round at the 1967 Interzonal in Sousse.

    After 30.Qh6 Qf8 31.Qxh7, Black resigned.

    During the tournament, the organizers put out a daily tournament bulletin and awarded Fischer's game as "Game of the Day".

    For a complete score of this nice win by Bobby Fischer, check out:

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