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When I am hungry

  • #201

    I thought the solution for a problem, wasn't actually the problem? It doesn't appear so in this case. Besides, I am not sure whether to be puzzled by this puzzle...

  • #202

    The puzzle is not easy . 1.Bf1 is not the right first move too.

    Important in finding the solution is the first move,but the second one as well.

  • #203

    Yes Smiley, you are right - i gave this puzzle to a chess program and it showed at least 3 solutions - 1.Ne6 wins too.

    I am sorry , this puzzle is from 1928 year -long before computers, and as Smiley showed has not one solution and is not correct.

    I tried to change a little as the authors idea can work:





    White to play and win

  • #204

    The solution for #223 :

    I am still thinking on #224 :)

  • #205

    nice collection of puzzles....

    thanks 4 sharing....

  • #206

    Here is a solution for #224 without promoting the pawn into Queen :

  • #207

    Here is a position/puzzle I've posted in another thread:

    Does black have a chance? How. (by the way, to prevent confusion, the 8th rank is at the top [the black light-squared bishop is on e8])


  • #208

    It seems to be faster without a queen!
  • #209

    #228 is not solved yet . I tried it but am missing something :

  • #210

    I'm missed 2. Ne7!! (I don't have a computer program to check my problems, sorry!) Of course, I suppose this means that black does not have much of a chance in my original position, but maybe someone with a computer could check my original position....... so lets change the position to after 1....Nc3 2. Re5 or 2.h7









  • #211

    Perhaps something along these lines?
  • #212

    impossible became i- am- possible , here Smile

  • #213

  • #214

                                        Here black win :

  • #215

    Actually, both Bf7 and d6 (the line I thought of...) work.....
    My puzzle-making skills aren't strong
    (maybe I should stick to puzzles with lots of forcing moves...)
  • #216

    If we change position a little - I am not sure if somewhere there aren't mistakes ...

  • #217
    Just wondering why 3)..., bxd5 doesn't win
  • #218
    I don't think this works....
    But also after 1.h7 there proceeds this line (I think)
  • #219

    ooh i think I found it :D
  • #220

    nvm doesnt work:


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