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When I am hungry

  • #301

    I am not sure if this is exact but i mean help mate is when black pieces help white and reverse - white king must be mated instead of black.

    And i must say this puzzle is a joke .

  • #302

    In that case 0) set up board correctly

    then procede with the 2 move checkmate

  • #303

    Yes, after placing white king and queen on normal places it is well known blunder mate:

    It is strange that even when white king is on  'd1' solution is possible :

  • #304

    How'd did you manage to get it to do that? Doesn't it only allow legal moves?

  • #305


    And white's king is safe. :)
  • #306

    I was thinking this way : this is a helpmate puzzle and if so, any help is welcome. And when it appeared that the white king can fly from time to time , i used this .

  • #307

    This puzzle is not a joke :





    white to play and win

  • #308
    Can you teach me how to do the flying king thing I always wanted to play Kc6+!! followed by Kd7# but was never able to get the logistics of it?
    As for the puzzle is this right?
    Edit: this loses for white I'm not sure what I was thinking
  • #309

    Puzzle 327 @Sherlocks_Holmes, I just did this in very shallow analysis and I think the solution posted by nswwsn may be flawed. . .  sorry if this is redundant or has already been covered

  • #310

    is this the general idea for the solution?
  • #311

    I don't have the solution for 327,so we can discuss it .

    I think after 1.Nd5 a4 white can play 2.Nb6+ :

  • #312

    @ element18 Although I can't say I'm certain I'm right (I realized my solution for 339 is quite wrong) in 327 I responded to a4 with Nb6+ followed by Nxa4

  • #313

    Caiello, in your line black can play 5...Qc1 :

  • #314

    Yeah I am an idiot there i looked at it again this morning and was on my way to say this line but you guys beat me to the punch. sorry about that, i'll have to give these more of a good think before posting next time eh?

  • #315

    It's ok, we paid attention to this line of the puzzle and it is interesting too

  • #316
    echecs06 wrote:

    WhenI am hungry:


    The name of the blog comes from the first puzzles .Unfortunately, i have no more from that kind, but have many others.

  • #317

    I am sorry, but in #339 i posted a wrong position Embarassed - the 3 white pawns on the left must be a row up :

                  White to play and win 

  • #318

    I apologize once again - i noticed it just now - wanted to post the solution and saw the difference in positions.

  • #319

    The solution for #350 -author - A.Dunder :

  • #320

                   The importance of castling in proper direction


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