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When I am hungry

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    The previous puzzle was an attempt to complicate a puzzle of A.Troizky.




    White to play and win

    author G.Werner

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    Nice, but why the puzzle mode? Smile
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    Maybe because he considered it a "lighter" puzzle? still it was fun to solve, next time no puzzles modes please Cool

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    Yes, I think Shoopi is right  {#emotions_dlg.smile} I was looking for a more difficult puzzle , and here it is , without solution :




    White to move and win

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    I recently posted a variation of this: http://www.chess.com/forum/view/more-puzzles/amazing-pawn-ending

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    Perhaps something like this:



    Edit: A bit too late apparently Embarassed
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    White to move and win.

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                                            Probably wrong, but an idea!
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    Caiello wrote:


                                            Probably wrong, but an idea!

    it's a study by Korolkov, one of my favourites:)

    I'll start you off:

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    Someone tell me...

    what is this? Laughing

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    Ok, here's the whole thing:

    Check movelist for variations

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    rooperi, why did you give the solution so early (or 'soon', how do you say it?) ? Smile

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    A very nice puzzle Rooperi , a piquant final position Smile

    Here is one more :




    White to play and win

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    Aquajet17, you showed the main line of the solution !

    Here is a line after 2...Ka4 :

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    Black to play

    How this game will end ?

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    I don't think black can win, because his king is so far from white's pawns, so white can throw his rook for black's pawn, and then win with his two passers

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    On the 11-th move in Caiello's line black can play stronger and draw - how ?

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