White to play and mate in 5.

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    Probably my hardest puzzle. (I put some analysis in the puzzle. Just use the arrows to navigate.)

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    ozzie_c_cobblepot wrote:

    good puzzle. I didn't see ...Kh8 on the first move, and was wondering what the heck black can do after R1c7. But - I did make that move, and got the rest after calculating the tree of variations.


    You'd be surprised how many times I've had to edit this puzzle after finding a cook...

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    This is an edited form of the diagram. This time, the alternate lines are in the move list.

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    tonydal wrote:

    I sure was thinking the solution was going to be 2 Qf6 (too bad it doesn't work).

    I'm assuming the refutation to 2. Qf6 is 2. ...Rxf7, unless there's some other move I missed...again.

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    Nice and easy...

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    josip wrote:

    Nice and easy...

    well, ozzie posted the key move already.

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