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Wonderful Puzzle

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    I saw this puzzle today.  It is wonderful.  Too good not to share.

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    I've seen a lot of puzzles like this one before, and I 've known this pattern ! That's why I solved it easily !!

    Anyway, that's a really great puzzle !!

    Thank you for sharing it !

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    Wow! That's easily the best puzzle I've seen. BTW, 100% for me, and I've never even seen the pattern! :O

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    Very nice! Thanks!

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    Wow! What a FANCY puzzle!

    I, being fancy of course, solved it easily :3

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    That is a very good puzzle! I enjoyed that. Thanks :-)

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    a nice one, good to see how the main line is opend!

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    There seem to be many moves for white that win.  Here are just a couple of ideas:

    This king move also works if black captures the rook:

    This also works:

    Then there is the other rook and the f-pawns.

    A lot of options in this puzzle.  Probably the mates in 5 are the best for white.

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    Oh, I just realized something.  The bishop can capture the f5 pawn, so maybe Re1 is better.

    The other line I had with Bb7 is probably still an easy win.

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    peterpeng wrote:

    heres a good puzzle of mine


    Can you please say us what white tries to do ? (eg checkmate in 5)

    Otherway ClavierCavalier is going to write every possible continuation  Tongue OutTongue OutTongue Out LOOOOL

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    Alright, I see the solution now.  Moving the king opens the path for Rb5#, so it doesn't matter if they capture or not.

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    Here is another neat one I found:

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    solve this 

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    that would be awesome to pull off in a real game.


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