Asbo for 14-year-old girl who drank 12 cans of strong lager EVERY NIGHT



Asbo for 14-year-old girl who drank 12 cans of strong lager EVERY NIGHT

A binge drinker aged just 14 has been given an Asbo banning her from drinking alcohol in public.

Schoolgirl Catherine Emery has been arrested more than 20 times for drunken behaviour, which saw her drink up to 12 cans of lager a night.

Catherine was the leader of a girl gang who met in supermarket car parks to drink Carling or Stella Artois beer most nights.

In one week she drank 143 units or 80 drinks - 10 times the recommended limit for an adult female.

The bingeing led to her causing chaos in her hometown of Wetherby, West Yorkshire.

Her catalogue of offences from December last year to April this year has seen her:

    * Kick out at police who had tried to remove her from public toilets after complaints from locals,
    * Assault a 15-year-old girl for no reason, pulling her hair and punching her in the face as she walked by,
    * Shout and swear at passing residents,
    * Enter a police van and start shouting at police officers, when she was told to stop she lashed out and injured an officer,
    * Lash out a man who had told her to behave.

Catherine, who helps out at an arts centre, admits she has a problem but says lots of people her age did the same.

'I do see what I did wrong and I see that my drinking has got me into trouble but I don't do anything different to what other kids do really. I don't know what I'm doing when I'm drunk so I can't really explain why I do what I do,' she said.

'I never considered it to be too much of a problem because I manage to go to school every day and I do my bit with the kids I teach. I never get a hangover.'


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