So i've been reading a lot recently. just a minute ago i finished the last olympian and might i just say....WOW! too hard to describe how amazing that book was. hope they make more. but anyway i was just wanting some book suggestions. i've read the hunger games, graceling, percy jackson series, artemis fowl series, fablehaven series, septimus heap series, inkheart series, harry potter series, narnia series, and many more. if u read any of those books and liked them or have just read an amazing book i would love to hear and learn what it's about. im starting to rn out of books to read. thanks for the discutions and suggestions!


I read those books at one point... then I moved to gothic books, so if you would like some of those books, I can help you. If not, try Playing With Fire by some guy, I really liked it, and it fits what you are reading. I went to the library today, so I have: The Many Faces of Van Helsing, Hollows Eve, 99 Coffins, Vampire Zero, 13 Bullets, Button Button. I told you it was gothic. If that helps at all.


im not all in to gothic but i will check out playing with fire, thanks for your imput


well i looked for it but there r many different playing with fire books, do u know what the authors name is


Yeah, sorry about that, it is the seccond book. The amazon thig is here:

The first is here:

Sorry if you don't use amazon, you may have to do a little homework by yourself.


that book doesnt sound bad. i think i will read those books. thanks for pointing them out


have you read the Dark Is Rising seiries by Susan Cooper? they actually are really good books. when i first read it i didn't understand it, but now when i read them it's an amazing adventure. if you want to read the first one without buying it i have it, so just ask.


ok, thanks for the suggestion, i will definitely want to borrow that book. u should look at some of the books i posted if you want some reading i highly recommend all of those i've listed but the percy jackson series is my favorite.


if u haven't read the pendragon series, its good :)


Based on the books you're reading I'd recommend A wrinkle in Time. Chronicles of Prydain (or something like that) and The Mysterious Benedict Society. All are great series you'll enjoy.


okay thanks for the comments. right now i'm reading the maximum ride series but after i finish those i will look into ur suggestions, thanks


I read every one of those, I would suggest only reading the first one, but my little brother thinks every single one of them is good. But, please, don't read the fourth, that was horrible...


i'm already half way through the 4th and its not that bad


u can add the maximum ride series and nation to those books that i have read


What about fantasy?

pendragon sucks rangers apprentice and harry potter rules

i personally suggest u read V.C Andrews books and the twilight series. V.C Andrews book are not for the faint of heart. dont read them if u r scared easily or get streesed easily also hav paticence with them.Cool B COOL

rangers aprintace

Sorry my friend but there will no longer be a Percy Jackson and The Olympians Series.  I read them myself and they are very good!  Mr Roirdan has writen two other series though.  The Kane Chronicles and The Heros of Olympus.  Now I suggest Skulduggery Pleasant, Nancy Drew, Mara Daughter of The Nile and of course The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid.  I do hope I have helped you.


Yeah I was saddened after the Percy Jackson series ended, but all good series must end at some point. I have read the Red Pyramid already and throughly enjoy it and I'm looking forward to The Lost Hero thats coming out soon too.

I've thought about Rangers Apprentice before, but never did pick it up. Is it really good?

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I would be glad to hear more of them if you have them.