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great white v killer whale (etc)

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    i'm going with the fish

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    Killer whale eats GW like a maple bar.

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    Or Fischer rulez.

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    mmm  donuts...  moving along

    choclate v maple bar

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    I will research this today.

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    this thread may have thrived a little more in the RSS
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    goldendog wrote:

    Killer whale eats GW like a maple bar.

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    i've seen that video.  it's horseshit.  the only way a great white loses to shamoo is if there are multiple orca--buncha thugs.  plus!  everyone of us breathing would rather come to face to face with a killer whale than a great white on the high seas.  period.  that's it.  that's the end.  if i'm stranded, floating in the middle of the ocean and a killer whale approaches me?  i balance on his nose and he swims me to safety.  i meet a great white?  he bites my leg off and swims away.  killer whales are pussies--awesome pussies, but still pussies.

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    Sharks are pretty much ko'ed when upsidedown so it is possible. Is it that unlikely that during all the years that sharks and orcas shared water that this wouldn't happen at least once to be passed down to other orcas?

    Also shark vs plane:

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    that's it

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    Chocolate bar won the day.

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    ↑ She stands the shark up on it's nose in the palm of her hand.

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    crazy and awesome but clearly not happening with a great white.  still awesome.


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