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Guess Winerkleiner's Secret #2

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    I've been up there a few times and haven't had a problem with haze. Maybe it depends on the time of year or perhaps it's gotten worse in recent years. The museum underneath the arch is quite interesting.

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    corrijean wrote:
    winerkleiner wrote:

    Hmm something to consider but I am not so young anymore and a toss or two could cost more than its worth, not to mention my weight is growing, (unlike my height).  There might even be an age restriction associated with these tossings?  I will Google the event to see more for myself, thanks!

    oovervinnliga is Shahmata again. He sure has been back a lot lately.

    Yes I believe it, his home page had 1 point and was opened May 2nd, too bad I anwsered his post before I visited his account.

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    Joseph-S wrote:
    winerkleiner wrote:

    Wow you are tall.  That's a good thing, opportunities seem better for tall folks!!


    Seeing as how you're not too enthusiastic about my first idea, how about strapping these gizmos on.  Might get you up to 5' 6" in a year, depending on your pain threshold.

    Wow that does look painful I'm wondering if it's too late for someone my age, my bones have probably set at this point.  To reach 5' 6" I would only need to stretch 10 inches!  Another thing to Google.

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    Joseph-S wrote:

    Have you considered being a jockey?

    I might be a little heavy at 158 pounds Frown

    But a lawn jockey maybe Smile

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    I just went to the races yesterday. Kentucky Derby Day at the local race track, Emerald Downs. The mint juleps were pretty strong.

    I always wanted to be a jockey when I was a kid, but, alas, I grew too tall.

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    sockpuppy wrote:

    When I was in 6th grade 47 years ago our Geography textbook said that if they were off by as much as a . at the top of the arch it wouldn't fit.

    Wasn't there a tunnel between Italy and Switzerland that was 14 feet off when they met in the middle?

    I heard something about that also, an engineering miscalculation bigtime. 

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    Abhishek2 wrote:


    You're off by 1 secret, hehe.


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