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Guys, give 2Q1C a break.

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    He's been muted. I am not one for muting unless one is being disrespectful to anyone. Granted, I really don't have the whole story, but whatever. Hey may be a little (a lot) of a patzer and troll, but does he really deserve all that hate? I've been hating on him a lot recently, but I changed. I hope that people can treat him with a little more respect. Sometimes he can be a little clueless. But does that really matter?

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    What im trying to say is, try not to be mean to someone just because he likes attention. People who will do anything for attention can be a little annoying, but it is not that hard to put up with.

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    On the point you made in your second post, not the person you named in your first....The problem with begging for attention is that sometimes you get it.

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    Yes ! But the attention he gets, does not have to be unfriendly.
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    Why was he muted?
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    I don't hate him, but I can understand why the vast majority do not like him.

    He is provoking other people on purpose, he is doing everything he can to get a (negative) reaction. 


    He is not stupid, he is actually a good troll and can be entertaining. But sometimes it is just way too much. 

    Just like Pashka27 can't stop harassing people to watch his YouTube videos, 2q1c can't live without trolling on this site. It is now an habit for him. 


    I don't think he is a bad person in real life and I hope one day he realizes that he can make better use of his trolling skills, but he is not even close a victim here.

    If he has received so much hate is simply because he asked for it. 



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    TomGa1971 escribió:
    Why was he muted?


    A better question is why are you not muted? 

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    chess.com has given him a break.


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    ahh i c

    this was meant to be serious. but ok

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    The problem is everyone is too serious

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      Why should we give him a break??   Are you asking members or Staff??  The site has determined that TWICE in the same month he should be muted by his own actions.  What else MORE would you want us to allow this child to do in the form of site behaviour??  Maybe we should hold his hands while he shits all over the site. He's making it difficult for ANYBODY to be here.  The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.

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    You folks are going to have to explain it to 2q1cs_mother, whenever that account springs up, as to why he's locked himself up in his room again.


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    He was muted because he calls everyone "dude", and thinks it's cool. 

    It's 2017, not 2003.


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    innerspace50 wrote:

    I don't buy it. Call me outdated. Having taught chess to thousands of kids in schools, besides just how the game is played, good sportsmanship and values are part of the learning experience.

    To see the game openly mocked, to see the game blatantly disrespected does not sit well. If chess is to grow and thrive with our youth, it can not be treated the way online chess allows such behavior.

    If these kids were at a chess club, face to face with kids and adults, does anyone believe that such sportsmanship would be tolorated ? Somehow, the perception is that the internet, with people hiding behind a computer screen, should allow for added tolorance of what is simply bad behavior.

    "He's young, means no harm, give him a break, lighten up, he's only joking (not directed towards anyone in particular), like I said doesn't work for me. But it does seem to be the mantra of many of the younger generation. "Trash talk" has become acceptable.

    Chess needs to be treated with respect.

    If i raised my daughters with the mindset of "they are young, they will learn"  "They didnt mean it, give them another chance", "I'm my childs friend first, and parent second"  I would have raised inconsiderate, rude, selfish children.  But i didnt, and i have one in the military, and one that is in management.  

    This also carries over to chess, where i have to deal with parents, and kids at tournamnets that act like the world owes them everything.  Parents teaching there kids to do whatever it takes to win, If you lose a game, then youre a loser, Distract your opponent any way you can.  

    This past weekend a kid was playing and spent his first 2 games CONSTANTLY coughing.  And i mean CONSTANTLY, with mom and dad doing NOTHING.  I saw him between rounds, and not a cough came out of him.  He comes back for another round and immediately starts coughing again, and only when its his opponents turn.  

    Now i try and instill in my students to have fun, learn, improve, have respect for the game, and your opponents.  This can get difficult when they see all the other stuff going on, and they want to know why they cant act that way?  I try and teach them that their actions are a reflection on them, their parents, and the game.  

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      I agree wholeheartedly with what your saying innerspace but 3 months ago we did not know him. I'm assuming staff's approach was as with any account, "approach with caution". i.e. Chemical imbalance, split personality, A.D.D, etc.  The site has survived many infamous trolls in its 10 yr history. 

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    The TOS is not difficult to enforce.  Its has been decided that "enforcing" the TOS is selective.  

    We are repeatedly told that if there is somehting we dont like, we are supposed to contact JD, and or Erik.  That doesnt instill much confidence when you do that, and get no reply.  

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    There's far worse on this site , than 2Q1C
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    exnos wrote:
    There's far worse on this site , than 2Q1C

    Completely agree.  But you have to start somewhere.  

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    It is not normal for a mod to comment on topics but I have seen the reactions to members towards the member mentioned by the OP.  This situation needs to de-escalate and the mods will not tolerate previous behaviour.  I would hope members will take this on board and either ignore or be friendly.  The other option is further sanctions by the mods.

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    Why don't we just play chess.

    If one can achieve 2 queens with a subsequent checkmate or not, actually doesn't matter at all.

    The second queen imho would be only for entertaining purpose in any game, not actually needed but entertaining and interesting on the other side.

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