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Haywood Has Lost It

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    cabadenwurt wrote:

    This is a e4nf3 Alert !!! Despite the fact that he said that he was done guess who is still lurking around ? At 8.58 PM today e4nf3 posted in the " gg battle-a must read " thread. So be on alert people as he is apt to leave piles of manure anywhere at anytime ! I knew he wan't done, I mean give me a break ! And he said that he was done arguing  lol  now go ahead and pull the other one.  

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    I like that picture Joseph-S, that is spot-on  lol.

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    cabadenwurt wrote:

    I like that picture Joseph-S, that is spot-on  lol.


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    20th March 2012, 06:02pm
    by e4nf3
    Chowtuva Tuvalu
    Member Since: Nov 2011
    Member Points: 516

    Two muny crezy peeple on forans. Suckee cheeseplayers.


    D4E4 making a fool of himself on the thread "An interesting thought". A lame attempt to imitate one or two of Haywood's other characters; what a dunce.

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    The duck is back.

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     Hello again.

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    And he's gone again. That was fast.

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    And they took my quote from him at the same time.

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    I think the site has changed their setup so that if a person gets banned, the quotes all disappear now, too. I've seen it happen a few times now.

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    44 Minutes Ago·Quote·#738


    I used to really like J&B on the rocks. But, those days are long gone.

    On a serious note... These two clowns have been dogging and yelping at me for years. I maintain: "Say something nice or nothing at all."

    Afterall, this is a polite and serious thread. Life is too short to quibble.



    I told you Butthead I wasn't going to go "back and forth" with you on ProKnight's CPOTM and I also told you if you have something to say to me do it here, you didn't so I dragged your Idiotic crap over here.

    You started in on me a long time ago because you and Haywood were Kissy Faced friends and you jumped my ass because I was coming after him. You come out of the wood work on CPOTM and jump electricpawn and myself like a greasy weasel.




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    e4nf3 wrote:


    Your intelligence speaks for itself Clem.

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    I think the "Grandson", was on the computer and has made you look like an old fool this time Pal.

    Hold on, maybe the "Grandson" is running the show and you are just sitting in a rocker slobbering on your on your boxers while you watch Info-mercials.

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