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Hollywood's Movie Titles in Other Words

  • #301

    Wow, that's a lot of movies.

  • #302

    Yes and the comment box wouldn't let me post all of them in only one, so here are the rest...

  • #303

    #84 The God's Must Be Crazy

    #85 Sleeper

    #86 Jesus Christ Superstar

    #87 Predator

    #88 Take The Money And Run

    #89 Moonstruck

    #90 National Lampoon's Vacation

    #91 Moscow On The Hudson

    #92 The Wizard Of Oz

    #93 Amadeus

    #94 Ghost

    #95 Fried Green Tomatoes

    #96 Dances With Wolfs

    #97 The Waterboy

    #98 Amityville Horror

    #99 It

    #100 Forrsest Gump


    Corrijean 40

    Snozko 24

    Jadeite 2

  • #304

    Congratulations to Corrijean!  She won the first annual Hollywood's Movie Title In Other Words Contest award!  It was a tough fight but she prevailed to the end, she is a true movie goer and a trooper!  For winning this most pretiaous award, sod after by millions I guessing, she recieves the title of 2012 Cinema Queen of Chess.Com (aren't you glad you're female).

    Sadly like all contests this title is only good for one year, after this time (1 year exactly, there's no paying the judges off) you must relinquish the crown back to Erik, if not he has the authority to ban you from Chess.com up to, but not to exceed, 1 day.  Harsh penality I know and there will be no cursing, foot stompping or tantums allowed (we don't want to go throught that again).  Along with the crown and title you must relinquish the famous SS movie wand (you know the cardboard wand supporting a plastic Steven Seagul head)

    If all of this isn't enough you will also have to appear (there's no way of getting out of this) your choice to either appear on The View or The Talk  

      *Note we NOT reponsible for any nightmares, childhood trauma, or repressed memories that these shows might trigger* 

     Stay tuned for more prizes coming soon!! 

  • #305

    The prize winning portion of this contest:

    Ok Corrijean for winning the contest you must choose one of these fabulous prizes! 

    • a nice all expense paid vacation to Hawaii (for one, one way and for one night)
    •  a night out with your husband (he will pay)
    • 1000 shares of Facebook (worth approximately $0.38 total)
    • a trip to Hollywood California where you will meet Donald Trump and compliment his hair (The Donald will force your husband and your children to copy his style)
    • get punked by Betty White

    Please Corrijean don't be greedy and just pick one and congradulations!!

  • #306

    I think getting punked by Betty White would be the most fun. That's what I pick!

  • #307
    corrijean wrote:

    I think getting punked by Betty White would be the most fun. That's what I pick!


    Ok it must have been anguishing choosing from these great prizes, but nice choice!

  • #308

    Just watched this movie last night, Guess the movie in other words:

    Determined girl gettng punchy with an old codger by her side.


    Eastwood and Swank will take no guff.


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