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Hollywood's Movie Titles in Other Words

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    Hollywood has had its problems specially among the movie industry, this trouble is particularly true among the writers.

    Back in the 80's and throughout history, Tinsel Town experienced turmoil, the top executives, movie makers and the writers couldn't come to terms hashing out agreements.  And all their disagreements and conflicts eventually lead to many writer's strikes. 

    The industry as a whole suffered.  Still, people demanded entertainment and movies, so teams of "scab" writers were brought in, interviewed, and set out to write movie scripts. 

    The forementioned band of writers efforts were not as accomplished as the public hoped for, so many films were compromised, hated and later shelved. 

    This mishap in history leads to this forum, what if these lesser known writers in cinema did write some of our favorite movies? 

    See if you can guess the real movie titles (as we know them) if these lesser known "discount" writers were still in demand.  And as always, feel free to add your own "scab" alternative movie titles along with their true better known names. 

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    Scab writer's movie title "Celebrity Hostilities"

    We know this movie as...

  • #3

    Almost Famous?

  • #4

    Star Wars?

  • #5
    corrijean wrote:

    Star Wars?

    Yes you got it!  Very nice!!

  • #6

    Try this one,

    Scab writer's movie title

    "The fat cop chasing Lonnie Andersen's one time husband's character's identity"

    good luck

  • #7

    Smokey and The Bandit?

  • #8
    corrijean wrote:

    Smokey and The Bandit?

    Got it again, you're good!  Next

  • #9

    Scab writer's movie title:

    "The old dude reverses in age, tells of his adventures"

  • #10

    That one is relatively easy.

    Benjamin Buttons


  • #11
    corrijean wrote:

    That one is relatively easy.

    Benjamin Buttons


    For $64,000 we need the full title.

  • #12

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


  • #13

    Yes that's what I have too!

  • #14

    Scab writer's movie title:

    "The unruly high schooling group complaining about how they got (together) in trouble" 

  • #15

    Figure out 10 and you get the title of Movie Master!

  • #16

    The Breakfast Club?

  • #17
    corrijean wrote:

    The Breakfast Club?

    Yes right again, that's four, you may just win!

  • #18

    Scab writer's movie title:

    "Those Wacky Fraternity Party Boys" 

  • #19

    Animal House

  • #20

    Right again I (I mean the scabs) better be less exact with these titles.

    Ok try this one, "The absent of air in war-time season"-this one is alittle tougher.


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