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(Humorous) Word Association: What Does FBI, CIA, IRS Stand For?

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    Here is a few I can think of, I was told there are more, go ahead and list as many as you can think of.  There are no wrong answers here so have fun but try to keep it clean!?  I don't think any of these agencies are watching, lol or are they?

    Here are some examples;

    CIA-Clowns In Action

    FBI-Federal Bureau of Illusions

    IRS-International Rat Society Smile

  • #2

    I think CIA means cash in advance.

  • #3

    Christmas in April Smile

  • #4

    Caught in Action Smile

  • #5

    Federal Bureau of Intoxication (for Trysts and me) Smile

  • #6

    Full Blown Insanity Smile

  • #7

    Chess In America

  • #8

    It Really Stinks

  • #9

    Inmate Roommate Soulmate

  • #10

    Chess Is Awsome Smile

    Chaos Is Around

  • #11
    IRS--- Income Redistribution Sucks


  • #12
    Dragon-Army7718 wrote:
    IRS--- Income Redistribution Sucks


    Lol alright Dragon, good to hear from you!

    Irritable Rectum Syndrome 

  • #13

    Famous But Invisible

  • #14

    Cash Is Allowed

  • #15

    Fake Batteries Included

  • #16

    Fat Bald Idiots

  • #17

    Fame Beats Insecurity

  • #18

    Income Restriction Society

  • #19

    Incredibly Reduced Salary

  • #20

    Chronic Income Abusers


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