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Movie reviews

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    jesterville wrote:

    ok trysts, please explain your "no TV" life...I really could not survive without the tube...how do you do it...and more importantly why? I can't imagine a movie lover without a TV...wow

    I just couldn't take it any longer. Dumb, mind-numbing shows, transparent propaganda, and endless commercials. It was an easy decision.  

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    The internet also exists.

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    We don't have cable. We have a tv, but it has a computer hooked up to it instead of cable. At $10 a month, hulu is a lot less expensive than cable.

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    Englund Gambit Complex (Englund Gambit) chess trap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mN9chuyvuI

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    When we visited last month, they were playing this as part of an art exhibit at the Chess Hall of Fame. I can't find the full movie, so this is the trailer.

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    Thanks, Lisa!

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    LisaV wrote:

    No prob.  How the hell you been!!?

    Wonderful, Lisa! How are you?Smile

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    Trysts, this is one of the best threads I have read...totally entertaining as well as informative...

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    trysts wrote:

    I haven't had a TV for years. Last one I had, I picked it up and threw it on the ground.

    But, yes, I've been surprised. For instance, I didn't know that V for Vendetta or Sin City, were based upon comics when I saw them. 

    Did you actually go to all of the trouble of carrying it out the door or did you just chuck it out the window?

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    @ jesterville: I do enjoy reading this thread as wellSmile

    @ Lisa: I'm relieved to see you too! Rehab sounds like a reality TV ShowLaughing

    @bigpoison: I picked up the TV, walked outside, and dropped it on the sidewalk.Laughing 

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    I love this thread

    I miss Rehab

    I found on the sidewalk this tv set


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    AnnaZC wrote:

    I love this thread

    I miss Rehab

    I found on the sidewalk this tv set



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    We went to see Roger Waters in concert last night performing The Wall. Isaac is obsessed with Pink Floyd. We watched The Wall (1982) the night before the concert.

    When someone close to you is really into a movie, it is hard to judge it objectively. I find it to be a compelling story, especially the way Pink reacts to the loss of his father. There are a few parts I don't quite get, though.

    I found the concert pretty compelling, too. Early on, photos of people killed in war (soldiers, civilians, activists) started being displayed along with a few facts such as DOB, date the person died, where they were from, where they died, etc. I felt the concert was a much stronger statement about the horrors of war than the movie was.

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    Very interesting. I don't know much about Pink FloydEmbarassed

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    Here's a song from The Wall:

    And here is the movie in case you feel like watching it:


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    Thanks for the movie link, corrijean!

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    You're welcome. Laughing

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    The Power Principle(2012)

    Another outstanding documentary from Scott Noble! I've watched it twice in the last week. It reviews some of the history of U.S. imperialism, supporting dictators and fascism, and destroying democracies all over the world, while feeding that world a concatenation of lies. It's a superb film worthy of anyone's time. I have the highest praise for Scott Noble documentaries, and this may be his best!

    If you wish to view it, it is split into three parts in the link below: "Empire", "Propaganda", and "Apocalypse".


    This is a free, fair-use filmSmile

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    "Lisav"...I feel like we now know so much more about you Laughing...LOL

    ...so I finally made it to see "The Avengers"...true story...we paid for the 3D movie (of course)...sat down...put on our 3D glasses and...what the hell...this is not 3...this is only 2D. So I went to the Manager to complain...she refunded us our money...and we also got free passes...which I used the next day to see The Avengers 3D.

    For those who love a superhero movie...this was fab...

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    Sunshine (2007) started out to be a pretty original looking sci fi. Initially I enjoyed it. Then the plot line started to get a little too complicated and the characters started to die in ways that were a little too spectacular. I'd give it about a C.

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