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Movie reviews

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    Gary Cole played Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald in Fatal Vision;)

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               Thank you; He played recently an Army Major in "The Closer".TV    I think I was in high school,(early 70's) when the crime actually took place.

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    Do you think he did it?

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               He's been in jail ever since, but, 2 things; They didn't have the forensics we have today. The crime I think took place in 1969. After Charles Manson, everything was blamed on the hippies. If Project Amnesty didn't take his appeal, then yeah, maybe he did do it. I remember when the 1st hippies tried to save trees. They got the crap kicked out of them. Today, its a national holiday. "Earth Day".  Thank God for the hippies.

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    I like hippie fashionLaughing

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             The last time I got a haircut was 1978.

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    RonaldJosephCote wrote:

             The last time I got a haircut was 1978.


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             Did you know there's 2 other threads about films?     Cryptic Questions--Films

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    I know about this one:


    What's the other one?

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             ANS.--see post 5078;  Your Sexism thread just got locked

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    Oh! Of course, Kay's thread:)

    I think maybe I will ask the staff to lock this one, if they will, just because we're over 5000 comments, and it's really difficult to go through over 250 pages. Like just lock it, but not delete it. I could always start a new thread which would be easier to loadSmile

    I can lock this if you wish. Mod.

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           There was only 228 post there.  I wish they'd lock or delete the superbowl threads now that its history.

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    RonaldJosephCote wrote:

             ANS.--see post 5078;  Your Sexism thread just got locked

    Oh, that wasn't my thread. I'm just the one who can't say no to the potentially sensitive discussions.

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    trysts wrote:

    I can lock this if you wish. Mod.

    Thank you! I would very much appreciate it if you could:)

This forum topic has been locked

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