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i watch movies very low but just royal casino or007 maybe is good

It was probably the most entertaining "Bond" film since Sean Connery played the role!

most of hollywood films are made only for people minds to find out american thoughts to prepare world for u.s.a

and i said royal casino is good from aspect thier actors and actions not from it internal

Films are made to make money. That's why so very many of them suck. It has nothing to do with propaganda. 

mr you arent informed about freemasonary and hollywood they are the same and their thoughts are the same and is going to a same goal money in not important for them

they just want to prepare themselves for people to operate their thoughts easier

You are misinformed.



Al Pacino

Michell Phifer   ( yummy )



My Cousin Vinny

Really funny, excellent writing, and all the characters hit their personal career highs while acting in this movie. Fred Gwynne was AMAZING. Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei also fantastic. This movie is full of memorable sound bites and verbal exchanges. It's one of my all time favorites.



Just finished watching this very good film. Brian Donlevy and Ella Raines were excellent as usual. Those two actors are very little spoken of, but they seem to be reliably excellent actors every time I see them. It's the old story of a wife wanting her husband dead for the insurance(with "Double Indemnity"(1944) being the the most famous example of this type of film. Though, "Impact" is not 'film noir' like "Double Indemnity" was).


  When I look at those old films, black&white, silent ones, music back ground, I get caught up with the hair dos the furniture back then, and see how far we have come. I hated the sight of those old heat radiators back then, they would sometimes make noises like the house is haunted!

   Anyways movies are mostly intended to stimulate and entertain your personal preference of such, and we can see it varys a great deal! I like bloody gory,or to be scared when I see a movie, and the best movie for that was the first movie black and white version of "The Thing" with James Arnest, I think he played the thing?

   I usually laugh through the whole movie, especially when the zombies are eating some ones entrails, it looks like a string of winners!Laughing  So you can readily see the high quality and standard I set for movies I will go to see! lolo But one thing I hate the most, they keep using the same old actors even when they grow old and ugly to play all the roles, I like to see more new faces and natural talent, of the common man or woman on the street!     Like Trysts Embarassed


I've seen Howard Hawks' "The Thing", several times just because it's such good film making. Hawks always seems to make everything so natural. He somehow makes his actors seem like they have been where ever the film takes place, for a lot longer than the viewer has been there. The characters are not geniuses, and they are not dumb. The viewer is thrown into that world effortlessly. From "His Girl Friday" to "Rio Bravo", Hawks films are a pleasure to watch.

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 "Spartacus" :


That was a good movie, even though Tony Curtis is laughableLaughing

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The first mentions of old movies reminded me how much I enjoy the Thin Man movies. But, that reminded me of an almost limitless list of old movies I enjoy. For example, any time "12 Angry Men" is on, I'll watch or "The Quiet Man."

I'll also watch anything made in the 50s featuring giant insects.

Not a super old movie but I've always been fond of "Paint Your Wagon" with Lee Marvin. It's just such a fun movie.

Clint Eastwood in a musical? I've avoided it, 'cause it just makes no sense to meLaughing

I haven't seen "The Quiet Man", but, "Twelve Angry Men(1958) was very good!

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i watch it only tv, the title is defiance,i t was  when i have a topic about game practice an act of faith if you have read it.

Is this it, Benju?

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De nada.  Thanks for the thread!  :)

Death and the Maiden (1994) - Everybody knows Rosemary's Baby, but this little gem from Roman Polanski uses only 3 actors, Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley, and Stuart Wilson, who is strong enough to keep up with Sigourney and Ben.  Want suspense?  Don't need a $50M Hollywood budget to get it.

Agreed. A very tense film.

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A movie I have thoroughly enjoyed is, "Gone With The Wind", a movie that was made in 1939. It was a very entertaining movie, a movie I think was the best that Hollywood ever produced, especially some of the special effects for that era of time.

Superb filmWink

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Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) - William Holden again and Sir Alec Guinness.


It's probably just me, but I never understood that film. Why was Alec Guinness so against sabatoge? It seemed like it was more important to him to remain "British", than to fight against oppression?

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Sorry, that was the Great Escape.

The original Thomas Crown Affair? McQueen and Dunaway make Brosnan and Russo look like actors in a community playhouse in the remake.

Yeah, I said it!

Never saw either version, but I like Faye Dunaway!


exactly it is,i was touch by tuvia in his anwer to his community strugglers that everyday is also an act of faith that will grow with each day to survive and stay alive, that leads me to post the topic that game practice is also an act of faith  that will keep us fit  to improve on chess. tryst have you not seen yet this movie,i suggest you view it.,when youre not busy at work.

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I enjoy Alfred Hitchcock movies. Psycho, Dial M for Murder, Vertigo, Strangers on a Train, Don't Look Now.

Some other great movies: Sunset Boulevard, To Kill a Mockingbird, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Billy Budd, Edward Scissorhands.

Nice choices! I never saw "Billy Budd". Thanks!

electricpawn wrote:

Film Noir? Johnny Handsome with Mickey Rourke and Morgan Freeman.

Never heard of it. Thanks!

HessianWarrior wrote:

Scalp Hunters - Burt Lancaster, Ossie Davis, and Telly Savalas.

I really like Burt Lancaster films, but I never heard of this one. Thanks!

NimzoRoy wrote:

The silent versions of Ben Hur and The Thief of Bagdad are awesome!

Check out silent movies by Buster Keaton, (The Cameraman, The General, Young Sherlock for starters)  Harold Lloyd (Speedy, Why Worry and Safety Last for starters) and Lon Chaney Sr (The Unkown, Laugh Clown Laugh and Phantom of the Opera)


I saw the silent "Ben Hur"(1925) on the big screen, with a full orchestra! The chariot race in this version is just as exciting as the 1959 version! I loved "The General"(1926). Thanks for the other recommendations!

Salander wrote:

One of my favourites is "As Good as it Gets" (Jack Nicholson as Melvin - an obsessive-compulsive novelist who takes pride in his ability to offend, repulse and wound...)


Cute film.

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