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    Everyone, there is a group that must be brought to your attention. It is called "Chess Intelligence Quotient". This is an AWESOME group, it does series of vote chess games to improve our team work, we do team matches to determine what level we are at, how we can improve. and what teams/groups we can beat.

    Plus, we are a rapidly growing group that gets around 3 to 10 members per day! We'll be an 1000 member group in no time! 

    So what are you waiting for?!? Join here: and have a blast!!!

    -Samsch (Admin of Chess IQ)

    BONUS: Plus, if it's okay with the Super Admin, I may be starting a couple of group tournaments! Stay Tuned!!!

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    And that's the start. Later we may begin supplying Chess IQ with learning content.

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    Can I become an admin?

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    RybkaShredder wrote:

    Can I become an admin?

    Message shengyi about it.

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    hessmaster wrote:

    can i join

    Of course!!!

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    sahilmd wrote:

    CAN I JOIN? :D

    YES! lol

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