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My New Novel

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    "The Shadow of Olympus"  has a new publisher as of late December of 2014: Outskirts Press of Parker, Colorado.  In a recent e-mail to the author, Ms. Lisa Connor, an employ of that company, wrote: "You have a terrific writing style!  I can tell that you have done much planning and preparation in crafting your work..."  "Right from the start your plot was very engaging..." "Your characters are lifelike...and I love... feeling like I know them..." etc.  So e-mail outskirtspress.com/bookstore to purchase your copy.  Emmett M. Smith, author.  

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    InnocentHALO! I'm happy for you that you have a novel published,but honnestly I don't have the time to read. I'm sure it's very interresting,though.fromTOM;Wink 

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    Congrats!!  My wife publishes thru Author House as well, so I'll be ordering it directly from them.  I look forward to reading it!!  Cool

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    Good first book. this guy could be the next Michael Chrichton.

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    No, this is Emmett M. Smith the chess player.

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      A small group of human colonists on Mars accidentally make a discovery that will change the course of human history.  Meanwhile on Earth, a war begins that will endanger humanity's outposts on Mars and Luna.  To see how these colonists attempt to cope with the new situations (and to learn if they are successful), read "The Shadow of Olympus."  Available in March, 2015, from Barnes and Noble's website; or order it directlyfrom the publisher at: outskirtspress.com/bookstore at your first opportunity. 

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    Thank you for message and information.

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    I am not normally into Sci Fi. (I do like Dr Who though) Gothic horor is more my thing. But..for you!..I will be a convert and I will try to get your book. I have heard of you..I think. Thank you for bothering to look at my art.

    Avrilmai X

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    The re-editing of "The Shadow of Olympus" took three times longer than I had expected, but the book is back on the market.   See it on Amazon.com and ignore the old "pink" edition (which somebody forgot to delete). The price beside the "purple" edition is the correct one.  The Author.

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    Thanks for alerting me to your new novel. I'll look into this.


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    This book is not at my library.Frown

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    LOVE IT!

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    I am a huge sci-fi fantacy fan, but need things to calm down a little... I teach 6,7 and 8th grade reading, coach chess and go to school (married w/two kids)...

    But will check it out.

    Smooth sailing in all your games,


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    I'll look for it- I'm something of a fossil, myself. I like R.A. Lafferty, but nobody even remembrs him.:(  Jack

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    maybe I buy this but I wish it was about another solar system because I don't think mars harbors life.

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    Hello thank's for your nice message on my home page.Iwatch sci Fiction moves but never had time to read one as am reading other novels.

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    yes-i love anything to do with the universe=sci fiction-i will read your book with great delight...

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    sounds good to me....i'll be checking this book out....nice one.

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    My unsatisfactory relationship with Author House ended in July 2014 and I  found a new publisher, "Outskirts Press."   "The Shadow of Olympus" is available from: outskirtspress.com/buybooks with a new, purple cover and the author's picture on the back.  The book will be featured in The Book Exposition of Ammerica in New York City this year.  Its first sequel will be available some time in the first half of 2016 (probably as an e-book sold from my own website at first).  Emmett M. Smith, author.

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