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    Joseph-S wrote:


     Ok, that was a quarter but it would probably work just as well with a dime.

    I'm sorry to say that I have done this in the past. With a dime. Won a few bucks.

    Fact is, driving a forklift well is a skill. And if one is untrained driving one, or, is a dolt, they can injure others. I've seen it, unfortunately.

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    badenwurtca wrote:

    Good News for people looking to buy some Real Estate in California as the Playboy Mansion is now up for sale. They want about $ 200 million for it but I have heard that $ 100 million would be more realistic ( but hey it is a historical landmark  lol ).   

    I wonder if it will be declared a landmark.

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    Thanks for the posts AlCzervik. Of course not everyone was a fan of Playboy Enterprises and their activities but when they started off many years ago it was a unique business.

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    Quite a ways back in this thread the subject of plasic money came up. No not credit cards but actual money made from plastic polymers. It seemed quite funny at the time but the good news is that the RCMP has reported that last year there was a 74 % reduction in the number of counterfeit bills that were found. It turns out that the crooks are having a hard time in trying to reproduce our plastic money  lol. ( edit note: pages 17 & 18 ).

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    Some more info on self-driving cars. General Motors plans to introduce a self-driving taxi for testing later this year. It would seem that if this idea takes off the battle between regular taxi service and the " Uber " outfit will be solved in the future. You simply request a self-driving car using your smart-phone and there will not be a driver, just a 4 -wheeled machine that is under computer control ( Help ! The robots are taking over  lol ).  

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    Today is January 18th, 2016, do you know where your Drone is ? We appear to have our first " Drone " Court-case. It seem that a certain fellow was out flying his little Drone under remote control and this upset a second fellow who then took his gun and shot down the Drone. The first fellow has now gone to Court and claims $ 1600 dollars in damages to his Drone ( lesson: keep track of your Drone !  lol ).    

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