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    cabadenwurt wrote:

    At this time we do not want anyone to panic however a major crime has recently taken place. In the province of Quebec thieves have just made off with $ 30 million dollars worth of Maple Syrup. I mean what is next, stealing all of the chickens from Colonel Sanders ? Some people are without any morals at all ( mind you they do have a lot of Syrup  lol ). 

       ---   Yes way back on page 10 of this little thread we covered the " Great Canadian Syrup Caper. " Well I gather that at long last there has been a court-case to cover this crime ( after 4 years of waiting ). A fellow by the name of Richard Vallieres has been found guilty of theft, fraud and selling stolen merchandise ( he was the ringleader of the gang ). Several others are also on trial. The sentences have not yet been announced ( eg: 10 years in solitary and No Syrup at all   lol ). 

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