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    allow me to tell you all how dumb floridians can be. there is a lake that is known to have gators. it's a place where people are jet skiing, in boats, etc., and there is an area that is "off limits" because of the gators. it's actually very nice how humans and nature share the space.

    so, a really dumb lady dives into that area after many drinks, and her arm is chewed off. wildlife service comes and kills a gator. no trace of an arm.

    my first thought is that they should have shot the woman.

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    Thanks for the posts and photo.

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    Anyone who wants free money just move to Japan. It turn out that $12.7 million was illegally taken out of Bank-machines there in a 3 hour period ( just a few days ago ). Hey just put the card into the machine and let the good times roll   lol.  

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    I heard they have negative interest rates too. Paying you to borrow. Please take our money!

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    Thanks for the post Ivandh. Yes I like that idea, I'm very good at borrowing money.

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     " When a bank charges a negative interest rate, instead of receiving money on deposits, depositors must pay regularly to keep their money with the bank."


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    Thanks for the post Joseph-S. Yes there is some rather funny stuff going on out there in the banking business. 

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