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    allow me to tell you all how dumb floridians can be. there is a lake that is known to have gators. it's a place where people are jet skiing, in boats, etc., and there is an area that is "off limits" because of the gators. it's actually very nice how humans and nature share the space.

    so, a really dumb lady dives into that area after many drinks, and her arm is chewed off. wildlife service comes and kills a gator. no trace of an arm.

    my first thought is that they should have shot the woman.

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    Thanks for the posts and photo.

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    Anyone who wants free money just move to Japan. It turn out that $12.7 million was illegally taken out of Bank-machines there in a 3 hour period ( just a few days ago ). Hey just put the card into the machine and let the good times roll   lol.  

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    I heard they have negative interest rates too. Paying you to borrow. Please take our money!

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    Thanks for the post Ivandh. Yes I like that idea, I'm very good at borrowing money.

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     " When a bank charges a negative interest rate, instead of receiving money on deposits, depositors must pay regularly to keep their money with the bank."


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    Thanks for the post Joseph-S. Yes there is some rather funny stuff going on out there in the banking business. 

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    Up here in Canada we have recently had a Ponzi scheme based on Pigeons, where nearly 300 million dollars went missing. The crook sold " special " pigeons to farmers so that they could raise some racing pigeons for him to buy back. A male and female were sold to the mark costing nearly $ 150 for the two birds ( times as many of the pairs that were ordered ). In the end when the whole scheme fell apart 175,000 birds had to be gassed as there was no market for them. The head of the Ponzi scheme got over 7 years in jail. 

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    Glad to hear he's doing bird for that scam.

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    kaynight wrote:

    Glad to hear he's doing bird for that scam.

       ---   People were probably worried that he might fly the coop. wink.png

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    Btw never trust an Alligator, they are very sneaky. The other day a fellow who lives down in Florida got very mad because an Alligator wandered onto his property. After the guy shot the Alligator he went over the check on that critter. Bad idea as the Alligator was not dead and it just hauled off and bit the guy in the leg. Yup the Alligator was playing " Possum ", so don't trust em ! 

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    now that i live in the south i hear the alligator stories more often than i think i should. the latest is a two year old that was wandering too close to a lake and a 'gator snatched him.

    there was an intense hunt for said 'gator, and a number of them were killed.

    this may sound callous, but, it's evolution at work. the parents were too stupid to pay attention so, i think, it's better there is one less person to procreate from that family. i also think it's really stupid to kill random wildlife to find your dead child. as if, somehow, the idiot parents will feel better seeing their half digested child in one of them.

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    We are only the top of the food chain in certain places on this planet. Once you step in the ocean, you're no longer at the top. When you hike in grizzly bear country, you're no longer at the top. Welcome to reality.

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    Thanks for the posts. Speaking of the oceans I gather that we will be okay if we " Live In a Yellow Submarine "  lol.

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    From time to time we have covered goofy crooks in this thread however some goofy rich folks are also doing odd things. Take for example Ms Lonstein-Gruss, a fashion designer and former girlfriend of Jerry Seinfeld. This lady has just lost $ 1.5 million dollars worth of jewelry due to a burglary at her New York home. Are we supposed to feel sorry for someone stupid enough ( & rich enough ) to keep that much jewelry in their home ? Perhaps the idea of renting a safety-deposit box in a bank never ever occurred to this brainiac.  

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    Another item regarding the goofy rich folks. Harry Brant is the 20 year old son of Billionaire Peter Brant. The young fellow was recently arrested for refusing to pay a $ 28 dollar cab-fare. While being arrested it was also discovered that he was carrying some illegal drugs as well. The father of this kid might consider setting up a trust fund for the youngster as the lad probably  does not have the mental capacity to look after any real money ( ie: as he would get after his father passes away ). 

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    In this thread we have chatted about coins from time to time. I just saw an item about a $ 4 dollar coin that came out back in 1879. It was to be manufactured by the Philadelphia Mint however due to a lack of interested only 425 coins were ever produced ( today one of these coins would bring close to $ 60,000 dollars from collectors ).  

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