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    Thanks for the recent posts. Wow that is another unusual coin AndyClifton, a half-dime is something very few people would have ever heard of. Thanks for the photo.

    Alekhine you are correct of course in your points. The main complaint that I have heard about the new Dgital clocks is that a lot of people do not know how to operate them yet ( including some Tournament directors  lol ).

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    I had a few complaints about digital clocks, back when I was still playing OTB.  Many of them are:

    1) ugly

    2) hard to read, especially from a ways away (I did a lot of walking around the tourney hall)

    3) not supplied with easily visible buttons on top so you know whose move it is at a glance (especially from a distance).

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    Thanks for the posts. Good points AndyClifton, I had not thought about those OTB players that like to travel around the playing-hall between moves. A funny thought occured to me because these new high-tech devices have so many features. The player sets his Cell-phone to vibrate and when the other player makes a move and hits the Chess-clock the signal is sent to the wandering player's phone. An alternate version has the wandering player wearing a earpiece which plays the Double Eagle March ( quite loud ) when it is time to make a move  lol.

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    I am imagining baseball organ music as the chess player steps up to make his move...

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    Came across a funny item in the financial news. Coca Cola Co. is being sued for $ 130 Million by the relatives of a recently deceased man because of a old stock certificate. I gather that it is a long drawn out affair involving former partnerships between some companies going way back.  The Courts are now trying to sort things out. When it comes to valuable old junk some people have all the luck.

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    Saw a news item today that is both funny and sad. The city of Vancouver here in Canada now has a ban in effect on the playing of Bagpipes.I think it is sad the people in that city will not be able tho enjoy the haunting beauty of the pipes. Good news tho, the Mayor of Vancouver is going to review the ban ( break out the haggis ! ).

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    For those people who have wanted to have a town of their own Buford Wyoming ( population 1 ) has just been sold. I had heard somewhere that Buford was the smallest town in the USA.

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    Can't get much smaller than that I suppose.

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    Because light travels at a constant rate, if I were in a car traveling at the speed of light and turned the headlights on, the light would still move away from the car at 186,000 miles per second.

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    ivandh wrote:

    Can't get much smaller than that I suppose.

    Yes you can, ever heard of a "one dog town" ? Tongue out

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    I've certainly never heard of a half a dog town.

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    Thanks for the posts. Both the USA and Canada do have some Ghost towns so I guess that you can have a town without people. However I wonder who does the " Ghost " census in these towns  lol.

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    there's a 'ghost town' right near us that is a big camping/wheeling spot.  we visit every couple of years. it's really cool!

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    Thanks for the info Skwerly.

    Funny item in the News today.A Judge in Alabama gave someone 3 days in jail for contempt of Court because of the person's sagging pants. I gather that there is a dress-code in that Court-room  lol.

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    Oh God, I hate bagpipes! Laughing

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    On April 12th, 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first human being to enter outer space!


    "Circling the Earth in my orbital spaceship I marveled at the beauty of our planet. People of the world, let us safeguard and enhance this beauty — not destroy it!"

    -Yuri Gagarin

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    also on the 12th of April 1912, the unsinkable Titanic sank !

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    Thanks for the recent posts. AndyClifton I prefer to think of Bagpipes as a sort of portable Pipe Organ, mind you their sound is an aquired taste  lol. Good point Padestoel, the USA was of course first to visit the Moon but we tend to forget the early Russians in space. Kco by coincidence we did have a chat about the sad story of the Titanic over on my thread on Old Machines. Most sources have the Titnaic colliding with the Iceberg late at night on April 14th,1912, and then sinking early in the morning of April 15th ( local time ). There is a connection to Canada in that sad story as quite a number of victims of the Titanic disaster are buried in cemeteries in Halifax.  

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    Today is April 14th and 100 years ago at 11:40PM local time ( several  hundred miles SE of Newfoundland ) the Titanic was in collision with the Iceberg. West Coast time would have probably been 7:40PM when the accident occured. As it took a couple of hours for the Titanic to sink the date of the loss of the Titanic is often listed as being on April 15th of 1912 ( as based on local time of the sinking ). We had a short chat about this disaster a few days back over on my thread on Old Machines.  


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