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    cabadenwurt wrote:

    At this time we do not want anyone to panic however a major crime has recently taken place. In the province of Quebec thieves have just made off with $ 30 million dollars worth of Maple Syrup. I mean what is next, stealing all of the chickens from Colonel Sanders ? Some people are without any morals at all ( mind you they do have a lot of Syrup  lol ). 

       ---   Yes way back on page 10 of this little thread we covered the " Great Canadian Syrup Caper. " Well I gather that at long last there has been a court-case to cover this crime ( after 4 years of waiting ). A fellow by the name of Richard Vallieres has been found guilty of theft, fraud and selling stolen merchandise ( he was the ringleader of the gang ). Several others are also on trial. The sentences have not yet been announced ( eg: 10 years in solitary and No Syrup at all   lol ). 

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    The End Of An Age: The Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus is closing down for good after 146 years on the road. I'm afraid that there will be some sad Clowns soon.

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    but happy elephants and tigers?

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    Thanks for the post AlCzervik. Yes it seems that the animals will no longer be performing for the public.

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    here's a "show" from the last time i was at a zoo.

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    AlCzervik wrote:

    but happy elephants and tigers?

    There's nothing worse than an unhappy tigrrr.

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    Thanks for the posts.

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    So have you been keeping an eye on your cash or not ? Well it seems that a 68 year old fellow forgot he had stashed $ 100,000 dollars in cash ( about $ 80,000 US ) in an old TV set. Lucky for him the people at the recycling center were very honest and returned the money to the old guy. Btw has anyone else here ever lost track of a big pile of cash   lol.

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    you just reminded me to check my lottery tickets.

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    AlCzervik wrote:

    you just reminded me to check my lottery tickets.

       ---   Yes you must not let your lottery tickets expire ! On the question of lost money I did misplace one of my VAT tax refund cheques a few months ago but located it again after a while ( hey $ 103 dollars is not chicken-feed   lol ). 

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