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Odds & Ends ( etc )

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    Thanks for the post AlCzervik. Well we do like to laugh at other people. Going back to the early days of film with Laurel & Hardy as well as Buster Keaton and of course Charlie Chaplin we loved it when something bad happened to the Stars in those movies.

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    Over the years we have seen many " I want to be a GM " threads in these forums. Recently a 14 yr old lad from the USA ( Awonder Liang ) was able to reach that mark. He is the 10th youngest person to achieve that rank ( good luck to the rest of you   lol ).

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    i beat that guy 13 yeas ago in a game where i distracted him with a cartoon and swiped his queen off the board.

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    Thanks for the post AlCzervik. Yes that is about the only way that most players would have a chance against him   lol.

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    Sometimes all of this high-tech stuff is not the greatest. Recently a local university here in Alberta lost $ 11.8 million ( about 9.5 million dollars US ) in a " Fishing Scam " of some sort thru the internet. They do expect to recover some of the money, I guess time will tell how much tho.

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    no chance. 

    i'm already in sweden.

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    AlCzervik wrote:

    no chance. 

    i'm already in sweden.

       ---  I see, trying to build up the retirement fund I imagine   lol.

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    Time to be proactive and do the restart ( Part II ).

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