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Old TV Shows

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    Yes, Angel was created by I Love Lucy alum Jess Oppenheimer, and starred Annie Farge (that last name pronounced as 2 syllables, a la the French) as the title character, with Marshall Thompson (later to star in Daktari) as her husband.  Also on hand were Doris Singleton (who had played Carolyn Appleby opposite Lucy) and Don Keefer as Doris' husband.  The show was sometimes described as "Ricky Ricardo with a French accent," and was indeed fairly cute in places.  There are btw a few full episodes up for viewing on YouTube.

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    My generation's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle:

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    Thanks for the info AndyClifton. Somehow I had missed that " Angel " series years ago. The " Daktari " show was very popular up here and I liked to watch it also. Another series that came to mind recently was the " My Favourite Martian ", the late Bill Bixby was one of the stars of that show.

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    The original intro for The Outer Limits:

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    I loved Daktari when I was a kid.  That and Flipper! lol

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    The show was actually at first going to be called that...but then they deemed that that was too scary (in the era of the Cuban Missile Crisis), so they changed it to OL.

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    With apologies if I missed a post where this show has already been mentioned but one of my favorites was Wild Wild West with Robert Conrad. 20 something years ago while living on campus in college I remember part of our routine late night was watching Star Trek then Wild Wild West... then study... then go to bed..lol

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    I used to go to bed, then study (heehee!).

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    I used to go to bed, then study (heehee!).


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    chubbychocobo wrote:


    i can still remember the name ross martin :-)

    There you go! I havent seen that show for at least a decade... thanks chubby!

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    Thanks for all of the recent posts. " Flipper " is another show that was quite popular up here, I also liked " Wild Wild West ", good plot-lines in that one. Then of course we come to the late Robert Stack as Elliot Ness in " The Untouchables ". Any remakes that they have tried to make of that show pale in comparison to Stack's performance. 

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    snakewit wrote:

    Any other performance of Stack's pales in comparison to this one


    That is absolutely a classic... and Im a man of faith. LOL Too funny!

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    Thanks for the posts. I was at one time used to seeing Robert Stack on TV each week so I tend to think of him mainly from  his role there. Of course he had other roles as well but to me he is Elliot Ness  lol.  

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    On Mission Impossible, I thought Martin Landau was replaced by Peter Graves (brother of James Arness of Gunsmoke fame).

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    Mr. and Mrs. North, Sea Hunt

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    SquareDealer wrote:

    On Mission Impossible, I thought Martin Landau was replaced by Peter Graves (brother of James Arness of Gunsmoke fame).

    Nah, Leonard Nimoy replaced Martin Landau, while Peter Graves replaced Stephen Hill (the DA on Law & Order).

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    Thanks for the recent posts and also for the photos, we are getting more great old shows there. 

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    SquareDealer wrote:

    Mr. and Mrs. North


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    My Living Doll:

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