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Old TV Shows

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    Thanks for the posts. Another good show that came to mind recently is " Mary Tyler More " which I truly enjoyed. There was also a spin-off series called " Rhoda ".  

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    Not to mention Phyllis.  And Lou GrantSmile

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    Thanks for the info AndyClifton. For some reason I didn't see much of either of those two shows, too much shift-work at that time I guess  lol.

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    Lou Grant was a remarkable spinoff in that they changed the locale, genre and even the length of the show!  And yet it still did rather well (and was on the air for 5 years).

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    Thanks for the post AndyClifton. I remember reading about the Lou Grant show in TV Guide ( back when they had a printed edition ) and they were very impressed with that show.

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    Dr Who-with either William Hartnell or Patrick Troughton. I never missed an episode. I am still watching some of them on DVD today.

  • #127

    Strangely, I have never watched Dr. Who at all.

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    I don't think Dr Who ever caught on in the US. The sets were wobbly, the special effects awful and the acting terrible at times. Despite this I loved it. 

  • #129

    Wow, wobbly sets, awful special effects and terrible acting...these are three of my favorite things! Laughing

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    It's still going here in the US of A...

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    Are they showing the old series or the more recent in the US?

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    Thanks for all of the recent posts. I have mainly seen Doctor Who on PBS ( back when I had Cable TV ). One of my favourite British TV shows of all time is still " Faulty Towers ", I've got the whole series on DVDs and I think one could have a long long dicussion as to which was the funniest episode  lol.  

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    Plus it also mentions ratatouie. Smile

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    Yes Thanks for the info AndyClifton, that was in the " Basil The Rat " episode which was the last one produced. I've just started watching the series again as I do a couple of times each year at those times when I need to see something funny or perhaps need a bit of a lift. I just started on the first episode which is " A Touch Of Class ".

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    Uh oh, "Lord" Melbury...

  • #136

    Yes that is the evil fellow indeed, trying to pull one over on poor old Basil  lol.

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    Bit of a sad note in the World of Comedy today, George " Guber " Lindsey has passed away at age of 83. He got his big chance of course on " The Andy Griffith Show " after Gomer Pyle was spun off as a new series. George also later got onto the " Hee Haw " show and was quite a funny guy, a good entertainer.    

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    Who would've thought these two guys would go to the same haberdasher?:


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    Thanks for the pictures AndyClifton, yes those two " Characters " have brought a lot of laughs to a lot of people. As a smart person once said " Laughter is the Best Medicine ! "

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    Actually, I think this is the best medicine:

    (Although in sufficient doses it will certainly lead to laughter.) Smile


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