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Old TV Shows

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    One of the other threads that I have going is about Movies. The other day the subject of TV Shows came up in regards to a Actress that had moved over to TV after doing several Movies and so I thought that I should Start another thread.

    The TV Show that came up the other day was " The Big Valley " which goes way back to the heyday of Westerns on TV. Of course the most famous Westerns probably were : Bonanza & Gunsmoke. I was very fond of " The Virginian ". Also on TV were : Rawhide, Wagon Train and High Chaparrel. I also remember a comedy called " F-Troop ", but I'm sure that I've missed a couple of TV Westerns. as well.        

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    What about Paladin? ” Have gun will travel”
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    Thanks for leaving a post Stormbringer. Yes that was a terrific show ( that I forgot somehow  lol ). Also " The Maverick " and of course " The Lone Ranger ".

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    The Rifleman. It even had a chess-centic episode.

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    But I must tell the truth my favorite show of that genre was on the out skirts of it............. Little house on the prairie!!! I loved that show. I'm 39 now and if it's on I'll sit and watch it.

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    Thanks for the posts. Yes " The Rifleman " was very good and later Chuck Conners came back in the " Branded " show, but it didn't last all that long. " Little House On The Prairie " was not bad either and of course Michael Landon had been in the " Bonanza " series as well.  

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    Another area that I enjoyed very much in the old days of TV was Comedy. There have been many comedies but some of my favourites were: The Beverly Hillbillies, Gilligans Island, Andy Griffith, Green Acres, Red Skelton, Jackie Gleason, The Lucy Show, The Munsters, The Adams Family, Jack Benny and many others.  

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    Your Show of Shows, Phil Silvers, to name two older shows.

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    Phil Silvers? What was that about?
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    Phil Silvers was Sgt. Bilko, the Army version of McHale's Navy.

    As for Westerns, let me ad "Wanted Dead or Alive" with Steve McQueen. I recently purchased a DVD collection of that show. Amazing how well it holds up.

    The last really good TV show, in my humble opinion, was "Northern Exposure." 

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    Thanks for the updates and the info. One thing brought up here that I have also been doing is buying the odd episode of TV shows on Videos. So many TV shows are now being sold that it is amazing, everything from shows that were only produced last Year to some programs that were on the air in the 1950's. I've got the " You Bet Your Life " featuring Groucho Marx as well as " The Jack Benny Show " and a Sit-com with George Burns and his wife Gracie Allen.    

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     I hadn't even thought of "Death Valley Days" in years, but I remember enjoying it when it was on. I wonder if it is on DVD. I'd like to check that out.

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       I've been watching the AMC western series "Hell on Wheels." Not too bad so far.

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    Possibly my favorite show of all time was the original "Mission: Impossible," & not that Tom Cruise garbage.  Funny how everyone remembers Martin Landau's character, Rollin Hand (did I spell that right?), but most folks forget that his replacement was a character named "Paris" played by (ta-daa) Leonard Nimoy who was actually in M:I longer; and NO pointed ears, either!

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    Thanks for the update 1Pawndown. Somehow I've missed seeing the two shows that you just mentioned. As there have been so many good comedies let me add a few more: M.A.S.H., Barney Miller, Cheers, Frasier, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, WKRP in Cincinnati and of course Seinfeld.        

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    Thanks for the info Javan64. Yes the real Mission Impossible ( as on TV ) was a terrific Series to be sure. And you are correct in that I had also forgotten that Leonard Nimoy was on that show for a while  lol. Another TV Series with a lot of action in it was " The Untouchables " with Robert Stack, a show that I liked very much.

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    If your talking comedies. Then you must include ” Good Times” The things they talked about in the 70' s we're still talking about today.
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    How about Rod Serling's "Twilight Zone" and "Night Gallery."

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    Thanks for the posts. Yes " Good Times " was a interesting show and was I believe a spin-off of " Maude " which was not bad either. And of course Rod Sterling had good shows, a little off-beat tho but that was what made them good.


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