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    I think that there has been more American World Champions and Grandmasters in the last century than there have been English, haven't there!

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    Yes we smash the Americans don't we.

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    DUDE i might report u

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    bfcace wrote:

    Why are Americans so easy to beat at chess and they are not good team players are they?

     Oh, we're SO easy to beat at chess are we? Why don't you challenge me and see how easily you win? (Oh, I just realized I'm 2-0 against you already... guess we aren't so easy to beat, are we?)


    And rich, I would have thought you would know better by now, after I beat you handily in the past couple games.

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    You need to know that there are American players who read the form, so don't think you will get off scott-free just because want to.

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    Dude, I'm 4-0 against you and on the 81st percentile. Maybe in general, Americans are not Grandmaster material, but there are plenty of good Americans out there.


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