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sailing to live on the continent of australia

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    watch out for the fierce australian rabbits.  they grow as large as german shepherds and have been known to hijack beer trucks.  they mostly are east of perth ( which means they are everywhere ).  good luck. ( i hear if you stay near the beach they don't come around much because they are afraid of the great white sharks ).

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    Are you planing to take a sail boat to get there. that would be a great adventure in itself. I may be wrong on this but it is not that easy to become a citizen, they may grant you a pass port to live there, but I would check that out first before I think of all the great reasons to live there. They can have very severe weather there and the out back can be very harsh, so I hear. But the people are great, and its a beautiful country and I love the water (ocean) there, most clear in the world!

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    If you are seriously considering this, you are the type of person that will love Australia. Just be aware that everything can kill you whenever it feels like, so don't get too close.

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    I did not want to bring up what Ivandh said, but he is very right, seems like every other bug, snake is so very poisonous. We have the "Bad Lands" here in South Dakota, but compared to Australia, their bad lands is so large!!   But you know it is human nature to adjust, like I have black widow spiders living in my basement, they kill all the other types of spiders, and insects that get in.  Have a great Christmas, and hope you follow through with your dream. You will never know what is on the other side of the rainbow unless you go there!Wink Peace!!


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