So ... Anyone else been to Vulcan ???

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    Yes some years back I used to live and work near Vulcan ( and no I'm not related to Mr. Spock ). In this case Vulcan is in reality a small town located in the southern part of Alberta Canada. The town of Vulcan made the news a couple of years ago when Leonard Nimoy himself visited to tour the Star Trek Museum located there ( and no he did not " beam himself " down to Vulcan, lol ).

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    Has anyone else been to places with odd names such as Medicine Hat,  etc  etc

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    So am I to gather that there are no Star Trek fans here in this group of Chess players ? That is not logical ( not very logical at all ). Nobody here has been to the Klingon Home Planet ? Nobody has been to the Romulan Empire or even to Organia ?  

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    Hail Organia !!! The Greatest planet in the known Universe ---

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    Are you telling me that there is an actual place called Vulcan ?

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    I have.

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    Hello Visitors to my little corner of the UFP . Yes over the years there have quite a number of visitors to the small town of Vulcan, a fair percentage of whom have toured the Star Trek museum located there. And when Leonard Nimoy visited the town it made some headlines to be sure. The town of Vulcan is rather small with a couple of thousand residents and I believe was founded around 1905 or so. Of course the name was in honour of the Roman god of fire but now has a whole new meaning. In salute to Mr. Nimoy's visit to the town let me just add " Live long and prosper ! " 

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    The main reason why almost nobody replied to your thread is that, by (correctly) categorizing it as 'Off Topic', it becomes virtually invisible.

    Secondly, you used a very small font size.

    (Thirdly, it relates to Star Trek - but you could probably have gotten away with that!)

    Incidentally, I have vulcan eyes.

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     I have -- I had to pull over to let a tornado cross the highway on my way there a few years back:

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    I've never remarked on that flag on the back of the Enterprise before.

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    artfizz wrote:

    Incidentally, I have vulcan eyes.

    I don't, but my tires do.

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    Thanks to all of the Visitors to my little thread here in my particular part of the Greater UFP. Also a Special Thanks to " The Grobe " for posting that great photo from the town of Vulcan ( Ok Scotty let's move out of here very slowly on Impulse Power and when we are clear of this area go to Warp Drive,  lol ).To be truthful I'm not very tech-savvy and I wouldn't have been able to upload that nice photo. Artfizz you can bear witness to my lack of technical ability because as you mentioned I started off my thread with some very small print and as to why the print is larger now is a mystery to me  lol. Also our Maple Leaf Flag has been in outer space on the Canadian Robot-Arm that was used on the Space shuttles. Anyway Thanks again for the posts, Bye for now.  

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    after glancing thru the posts here again I notice that I've comitted a little error. Any long term fans of Star Trek would not be confused but I've written out the letters UFP earlier which refers to United Federation of Planets of course. Sorry for confusion caused by that oversight.

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    just noticed another little oversight on my part. Only serious fans of the first Star Trek series would be likely to get the Organia reference. Episode # 27 of the original series is entitled " Errand of Mercy " and takes place in large part on the planet " Organia ". I wont give away too much of the plot to those who have not seen this episode yet except to say that the Klingons are involved and there is a surprise from the Organians. 

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    Reading this thread about Trek may convince more people ... "its-a-good-day-to-die!".

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    Star Trek s great! There's a weekly podcast about the game 'star trek online' over at is a Free to Play browser game!

    Full episodes are available at or (if you have a subscription) (the original series are available on instant last time I checked)

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    Thanks everyone for the info, it's always good to keep updated !

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    In the Star Trek Voyager episode "Concerning Flight" the da Vinci hologram makes reference to being as "dry as Vulcan" whilst talking to Lt Tuvok. da Vinci subsequently explains that Vulcan is a small island located off the coast of Sicily

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    Thanks for the info Gardenjam ! That all makes perfect sense as the orignal reference to the name of Vulcan goes back to the gods of Rome. With Sicily and area being part of the Roman Empire it stands to reason that the name Vulcan could be used as a place-name. Furthermore in the first series of Star Trek ( in the " Amok Time " episode ) Mr. Spock must return home to the planet of Vulcan to get married. Vulcan is also shown as being quite hot and dry ( and so I gather is Sicily ) so it all fits together quite nicely. 

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    Earlier in this thread I mentioned one of my favourite episodes of the original Star Trek series as being " Errant of Mercy ". This episode involves a visit to the planet of Organia and the people of that planet were very interesting. Indeed the Organians may be the only inhabitants of the UFP that are more relaxed, calmer and even more logical than the Vulcans ( strange but true ).  

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