Soccer fans Please vote


Please vote out of these players who is the best:

Rooney, Ballack, Fabregas, Van Persie, Giggs, Drogba, Klose, Del Piero, Toni, Cahill, Cannavaro, Deco, Eto'o, R Ferdinand, Podolski, Pirlo, Berbatov and  Ibrohimavic.

Only one vote


Van Persie!



Come on.. Vidic is better then Ferdinand, you need to update your soccer knowledge.

Ronaldo... Hes better then half these guys..

once again.. update your soccer knowledge..

Wheres Gerrard? -.-

Dude.. dont be a hater.. if you gonna list some good guys atleast list actually good guys.. -.-


Ballack aint really good anymore..

Drogba is overrated.. (Im a chelsea fan.. but i dont like him or Ballack)

Rooney is doing pretty good this year scoring wise

Fabregas is good as well

Ballack is better then Klose..

Deco used to be good, the games i watched this year he's kinda sloppy.., once again i think C. Ronaldo is doing better then him..

Eto'o is doing good this year..

Ferdinand :/.. once again Vidic is better.. -.-

So in the end..

Vidic :)


Well people are telling me this is that and Gerrard and some other players  are in the other forum. I knwo what you mean man, I know that vididc is better than I brohiimavic.


and ferdinand :)


Peter Crouch? Do you mean peter czech or the english peter crouch?


Out of the list, I like Didier Drogba the best.

But hey man, your avatar is the Liverpool crest! Where's Steven Gerrard? And Fernando Torres?




Steven and fernando are in my other forum. Some players told me there should be more players so I made this forum with different players.


Look I will make one more forum about the soccer players and go and vote there. I will put all the players I know and can find which are good or used to be good and havent retired in it. If I miss a player or put a player in that isnt really good well sorry to say but tough. Ive been told what to do a lot of times and Im starting to hate it.


I say Dennis Bergkamp :)

If not him then Nemanja Vidic!


Ok, Thanks


both vidic and rio have IMHO had their day.  i say that as a lifelong man u fan.  great players, done an amazing job, best centre half pairing in Europe for past few years.  now, rio always injured, vidic lost his touch, clumsy, too many bookings, needs to go play in spain or italy where that stuff is acceptable, and milk the cash cow.  rio covered for him on the ground, rio is now past it, body can no longer cope.


did you see what torres did to vidic in last year's liverpool game?  embarassing, totally embarassing for vidic.  have you see him again this year?  he has become a donkey in the style of tony adams.

best player from the list?  all great players to some degree or another, but depends what you mean.  need a playmaker, pirlo or fabrega....  need some goals, drogba or rooney maybe.....

but best player, just pound for pound, over the duration of his career on a totally subjective basis?  Giggs, by a long country mile.  untouchable, no-one has ever run as fast with the ball at their toe, few have ever played so much football at that level for such a period, unflappable.  and, unlike most of those overpaid yobs, a gent to boot!!  

closely followed by Cannavaro, look at what he's won too: too short to play centre half in the UK but great in countries where height doesn't really matter.  really a rightback.

but these are purely personal opinions.  i prefer Zidane to Pele and Maradona and Best and the rest.  plenty would disagree.


So who did you choose?


Didnt Conifer write that.


Recap - what did the Gooners chant everytime he got the ball?  Eee-aaw, eee-aaw.....  Just like the '1-0 to the Arsenal' chant.  Even they knew it was all true, but they just didn't care that they played ugly football because they did so very efficiently.


HotFlow, what I mean is that, yes, a colossus, but of another time when the game was very different.......before it went all 'soft'...............!!




Ok, In a day or two I will post up a new forum as I said and It will have all the good soccer players.


Where is Messi?