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Some Favourite Movies

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    Being a bit of a Movie-buff from way back I felt that a thread on some favourite films would be fun. As I hope to cover a wide variety of subjects it might be good to list the films by category, perhaps even by sub-category ( a little pun there for naval fans  lol ) ? Possibly the time frame to be covered would include the 1940s, thru to modern times for the release dates of these Movies.  

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    The first film that I saw in the English language is the one that I'll start with here. In the category of Mystery Movies it is " North By Northwest " with the late Cary Grant. Although I haven't had the chance to see the film for many years, I remember back when I first saw it at age nine I found it very exciting. The scenes when Cary Grant was being chased by the guy in the bi-plane were very well done. I believe that Alfred Hitchcock directed the film so one would expect a good show to be sure.   

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    Another favourite film is in the category of War Movies - Air Forces, entitled " The Battle Of Britain ". A large cast was used in a big production that included Lawrence Olivier in the pivotal role Air-Marshal Dowding who guided the campaign for the British side. It was the first major military battle that was decided only by Air-power. The film was released in the late 1960s and was very authentic. The production team was even able to obtain some German style Messerschmitt Fighters and Heinkel bombers from the Spanish Air Force for use in the film. This Movie is now out on DVDs and is a terrific film.    

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    Thanks for leaving a post Steve212000. Yes " The Lion In Winter " with Peter O'Toole, Katherin Hepburn, Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton was very good as was " Becket " as well. Richard Burton put in a great performance as the lead in " Becket " and of course Peter O'Toole shone as the King in both films. Both of these pictures belong near the top in the category of Historical Epics.     

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    Recently in one of my other threads the subject of B-17 Flying Fortress Bombers came up and I was reminded of another movie for the category of War Movies-Air Forces. Few years back a well made movie based on the bombing campaign against Germany appeared under the title of the " Memphis Belle ". The plot of the film revolved around the story of the bomber crew tying to get their 25th mission done but for a person of my age there is quite a similarity to the old old TV show " 12 O'clock High " ( which was itself was based on a movie as the same name ). Anyway, the " Memphis Belle " movie is definitely worth watching.  

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    Did you see the WWI aviation film, "The Blue Max" with George Peppard, James Mason and Ursula Andress. Loved that film. I watch it every time it is shown.

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    Thanks for leaving a post 1Pawndown. Yes that is a terrific film ! Great performance also by Jeremy Kemp as the competing Fighter Ace. I've got it on a VHS Tape but haven't found it on DVD yet. I would definitely put it on my list of the  Top 10 Aviation films of all time. 

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    In my original post in this thread I made a pun about a sub-category of movies ( for naval fans  lol ) and I now want to mention a  specific film. In the category of War Movies - Naval one of the best film ever made about Submarine warfare was " Enemy Below " starring Robert Mitchum ( and many other good actors ). The movie revolves around a chase between a U-Boat and a US Destroyer and was very authentic with a good plot line as well. 

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     I loved Mitchum and Kurt Jurgens in "The Enemy Below, but the best submarine movie of all time had to be the German film, "Das Boot." Lots of good submarine pictures including "Run Silent, Run Deep," and "The Hunt for Red October."

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    Thanks for leaving another post 1Pawndown. Yes the movie " Das Boot " was very good. I saw the shorter version ( in English ) several times. Recently I got a DVD of the longer Director's version in the German language. Since German was the 1st language of my childhood I love the longer version of the film. Another movie in the same vein and yet quite different is " Murphy's War " starring Peter O'Toole. The survivor of a U-Boat attack carries own his own private war against the sub. 

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    for a movie lover I'm so sad to say I still haven't seen North by Northwest.  and I itch to watch the Lion in the Winter because Hepburn portrays Eleanor - I was told.

    I'm not sure about these catagories, but have you watch Battle of Algiers, it came to mind because you mentioned The Battle of Britain

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    Thanks for leaving a post FlowerFlowers. The categories are a bit useful as it would be hard to compare " The Battle Of Britain " with say " On Golden Pond ". Katherine Hepburn was great in " On Golden Pond " which was one of Henry Fonda's last films and yes she was very good in " The Lion In Winter " as well ( ie: she was always good ). No I haven't seen " The Battle Of Algiers ",I'll have to keep an eye out for that one. Since they are always bringing more older movies out on DVDs now I imagine that " North By Northwest " will be out soon too.     

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    I think On Golden Pond is the one film I own that I haven't watched ... I might have a look now.   I started it twice but it felt so slow ...

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    Thanks for leaving another post FlowerFlowers. Yes " On Golden Pond " starts out a bit slow but I found it to be a good film. Henry Fonda also does a nice job, as he has to by playing opposite Katherine Hepburn. Jane Fonda has a good supporting role as well.

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    I've had a continuing love affair with "Miss" Barbara Stanwyck for several years now.

    Some of my favorite movies starring Miss Stanwyck are :

    Ball of Fire (1941) a comedy with Gary Cooper. Her character's name by the way is Sugarpuss O'Shea!

    The Lady Eve (1941) a comedy with Henry Fonda.

    Christmas in Connecticut (1945) a comedy with Dennis Morgan.

    Double Indemnity (1944) a drama with Fred MacMurray.

    Remember the Night (1940) Christmas movie with Fred MacMurray.

    She had one of the most sexiest voices in Hollywood and the most emotive eyes of any actress of her time and certainly of any actress today.

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    Let me add a plug for some American Civil War films. I thought "Glory" with Morgan Freeman, Matthew Broderick and Denzel Washington was terrific. Hard not to tear up watching that one. Also I loved the portrayal of Colonel Chamberlain in the film "Gettysburg." I believe it truly captured the professor turned soldier. The daring bayonet charge that held the Union flank was one of the most important and heroic efforts of that War.

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    Thanks for the posts Bouguereau and 1Pawndown. Yes I remember Miss Barbara Stanwyck, however for some odd reason I missed most of her movies. But late in her career she had some good success on TV in a Western show called " The Big Valley ". I was a very young fellow in those days and a young lady by the name of Linda Evans was also on that show so I was often watching that program  lol.

    The Civil War Movie " Glory " was certainly a good production that earned a lot of well deserved praise after it was released. Quite a few years back Walt Disney released a nice version of " The Great Locomotive Chase " but otherwise I haven't seen all that many Civil War films.    

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    Recently the 60th Anniversary of Pearl Harbour took place. There has been a lot of speculation as to who knew " what " when etc. Quite some years ago a movie entitled " Tora Tora Tora " made a very good effort to show some of what took place leading up to the Japanese attack. One of the few complaints that I ever heard about this film is that it was too much like a Documentary, so they tried very hard to be accurate.

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    Sometimes movies cross paths with real life in odd or interesting ways. " Searching For Bobby Fischer ( SFBF ) " is of course a well known movie in the Chess World. In a recent issue of Chess Life Magazine there is a one page article on the passing of Kalev Pehme. The character played by David Paymer in the SFBF movie is based on Kalev Pehme and in the film his son becomes a friend of the lead character Josh ( the boys are seen walking together as the movie ends ). The article in Chess Life is written by Kalev Pehme's son Morgan who was indeed a well known Scholastic Chess Player ( with his start in that field being shown in the SFBF movie ).    

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    Earlier in this thread I had mentioned that " Tora Tora Tora " was a good film in relation to the events leading up to Pearl Harbour. I also wanted to list a film that was done to show some of the dificulties that occured back in World War One. Kirk Douglas starred in " Paths Of Glory " which covers some of the problems in the French Army as a result of the war dragging on and on. Stanley Kubrick directed this film and it was very well made.


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